Upstate Suffers, Reform Needed

A study published last week by the Albany Times Union showed what I had long suspected: Our Upstate region would suffer when Downstate leaders took the helm in Albany. A Times Union analysis of combined Senate and Assembly spending found Upstate will lose nearly $26 million in discretionary legislative grants, with nearly all the money, instead, headed to New York City. With this news, the need for reform is greater now than ever.

According to the analysis, Upstate legislative grant spending is down 36.1 %, while downstate spending is up 33.9 %. New York City legislative grant money is up 72 %. And it’s hard to discern how decisions were made as to where or how the money was spent. For example, the money, more than $148 million, isn’t being distributed according to population. Rather, per capita spending in Upstate was at 6.26, while Downstate’s per capita spending in New York City was calculated at 10.33.

There should be a more equitable means to distribute legislative grants so that our region does not continue to be penalized for where are state leaders are geographically vested. There are many projects our region could have benefitted from this year if some of those legislative grants were distributed more equitably.

Legislative grants have historically benefitted our region. Investing in our local Industrial Development offices, updating infrastructure and fueling tourism are just three areas our region has benefitted from in the past through legislative grants. In the past, I’ve been able to secure funding for libraries, tourism events such as the Carp Tournament which brings in thousands of visitors from around the world, health clinics at Rural and Migrant Ministries, American Red Cross facilities, a Veteran’s Van which brings veterans to and from doctors’ appointments, and ongoing science-based studies at Baltimore Woods which teach children. Many times, community organizations and outreach efforts seek legislative grants because there are no other grants they are eligible for within the state.

Unfortunately, in this year’s budget, our state tax dollars have simply been collected and redistributed to New York City, as Downstate leaders hold the reins. This type of abrupt change in paradigm of power hurts our region. Our state would benefit from a more equitable distribution of these monies—just one more reason reform measures need to be instituted before more money is mismanaged.

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  1. New York City politics have been shafting us for years. I see on TV about NYC schools and what they offer and their buildings look like Taj Mahals, while we are closing school buildings to stay alive. After graduating, my son entered Mohawk Valley CC and he said the competition was unbelievable. His classmates were way ahead of him in every way and he struggled. He did his part tho. After MVCC he entered the Marine Corps and just recently retired after 20 yrs. He did not return to NY state. Nothing here for him. You’d think everything East of the Hudson river could sustain themselves, but greed is just too much.
    I live in the Tug Hill area and not to long ago Mr Silver from Manhattan apparently toured the Tug Hill area, for What? Was he looking for the Maple Syrup or firewood or logging he might be missing out on. If it was up to me, the wife and I would be long gone from this mess. The good life is not here anymore. There is so much we are losing out on. I could go on forever but it’s like talking to a blank wall.
    Someone has to helps us. Maybe we could secede from this mess. Let everything East of the Hudson make it on there own……….

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