USTA Tennis Program for Oswego County Youth 

Members from left: Keegan Wallace, Ryan Lalik, and Emily Groh.
OSWEGO – Thanks to Oswego AmeriCorps and the United States Tennis Association, local youth have access to play tennis with three tennis players who are located in Oswego County.
Members from left: Keegan Wallace, Ryan Lalik, and Emily Groh.

On Monday through Friday, youth can play with the team consisting of team leader Ryan Lalik and AmeriCorps members Emily Groh and Keegan Wallace.

They head out to local parks and summer camps to expose youth to tennis.
The schedule is posted online through the Oswego AmeriCorps Facebook page.
Any local youth can go to the parks and play free with the members.
The team brings its own equipment including the balls and racquets, so it is not necessary that the kids bring their own equipment.
The team was ecstatic to hear that they would be receiving new equipment thanks to a grant provided by the federal government and is hoping that they will be receiving it soon.
Ryan Lalik and member Keegan Wallace setting up the tennis net.

Every week the members get the pleasure of seeing the improvement of the local youth that come to the sessions.

As team leader Lalik explains, “It is truly incredible to see the work of dedication and improvement. Every day is a new step for those that we work with and seeing the development of their skills over the time that we’re with them is incredible. Visualizing the ability to impact the lives of our future generations is what we will take with us for the rest of our lives.”