Vegetation Removal Work To Start On Oswego River In Fulton

FULTON, NY – Brookfield Renewable announced that work will be starting along the Oswego River at Route 57 opposite the Sunoco Ethanol Plant and extending to Huhtamaki Manufacturing.

The company will be removing vegetation and trees in order to maintain the structural integrity of what is known at the “berm” along the river.

The berm is in place for flood mitigation and dam safety.

Brookfield Renewable has contracted with a local company to perform this work.

The contractor will be using manual methods to remove the vegetation where applicable, such as mowing and the use of machinery.

No spraying of herbicides or any other chemical will take place.

Brush and small tress will be removed as well as larger trees that are safety hazards.

The work is being conducted to ultimately ensure public safety efforts for those in the region.

Brookfield Renewable has worked with regulatory agencies at both the state and federal level who have recommended this work take place for this reason (public safety).

Residents within the vicinity of the project have been contacted via written correspondence from Brookfield Renewable.

In addition, the mayor’s office and local officials were notified, keeping the public informed.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact Julie Pelletier of Brookfield Renewable at (518) 615-9357 or [email protected]