Vendor Permit Workshop Cancelled for Committee Advisory

FULTON, NY – The hotly debated topic of Fulton’s ice cream businesses and food truck vendors will be removed from a general full-council workshop discussion and referred to the committee level.

On Wednesday Mayor Ronald Woodward’s office gave notice that a Common Council workshop to discuss the matter of vendor permits originally scheduled for Monday, Oct. 6, was cancelled.

As a workshop, the council would have discussed the matter but the public would not be allowed to make comment.

In an interview with Oswego County Today, the mayor noted that the Codes Committee would be tasked with reviewing the current vendor permit rules and making an advisory recommendation for any changes.

“I’ve been after them all year long to do something with the vendor fees,” Woodward said.

The mayor scheduled the workshop to get the ball rolling.

He added that once the committee has made its recommendations, the matter would be presented for public discussion and debate through the public hearing process.

In a phone message, Councilor James Myers, chairman of the Codes Committee, said the committee would begin work on the matter at the committee level on Monday. “I would like to look over the legislation we have currently and do some investigating of what other cities do and how they handle it,” Myers said.

He added, “I’d like for us to take our time and get it right. … We have all winter to work on it, I don’t think anyone is going to be back in there until next spring.”

The matter came to the forefront last month when one local businessman approached the Common Council during a public session to ask city leaders to review the current permit process.

It is his belief that the $750 annual permit fee paid by food truck vendors at Bull Head Point – which has not changed in decades – pales in comparison to the $32,000 annual property tax bill he pays.

Meanwhile, anyone who has a comment about the vendor permits is encouraged to contact their ward councilor.

Ed: Due to a reporting error, the lead for this story originally indicated the rescheduled meeting would be without public access. The public is invited to attend the Codes Committee meeting, but public participation is not allowed during committee sessions. The agenda for the next Codes Committee meeting has not yet been set. ~jlr


  1. Mike,
    You are correct. The committee meetings are published and open to the public, although commentary and participation are not allowed. Shy a quorum, the committee can issue advisory opinions to bring to the full council.
    The story has been corrected.

  2. I think food truck vendor permits are similar across the state, outside of NYC possibly. The problem isn’t the permits, it’s the tax burden of the business owners. The city carries one the largest tax rates, per 1,000 assessed, in the entire state. ( I think it is still second amongst all New York Cities). The difference is large. Thinking in terms of property, let’s say Lakeview lanes is valued at $500,000, in Fulton the taxes are $25,615, In Oswego $18,705, in Oneonta $15,270, in Oneida $16,795, in Canandaigua $15,580, in Dunkirk $21,605….. these are based on somewhat older numbers (2012). The above story is about vendor permits, but shouldn’t we really look at how the other cities our size are so much better at keeping the taxes lower?

  3. johns got it right its the taxes !!!!!!!! these people running this town dont get it they are destroying this city with the tax burden on home owners and businesses.
    instead of looking at the fire dept and police dept our budget killers they let things go on and keep raising taxes!!! either file for bankruptcy and get it over with or go to a village status or dump some of those burdens this city will expire. wait till some of those people in the 3rd ward see what their houses appraise for if they try to sell it .

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