Victim Identified In Sandy Creek Fatal Hunting Accident

Authorities have identified the people involved in Thursday’s fatal hunting accident in Sandy Creek.

The investigation has revealed that on Thursday, November 24, at approximately 4:41 p.m., Kristopher D. Paro, 24, left his residence alone to go hunting in an area behind his residence, located at 310 Kehoe Road in the town of Sandy Creek.

It has been determined, Kristopher was up in a tree stand when he heard what he thought was a deer approximately 100 yards away.

Unaware to Kristopher, his father, Kevin D. Paro, 58, had entered the woods to hunt a short time earlier.

Kevin was mistaken for the deer, police said.

He was struck in the chest by the .270 rifle.

He was transported to Oswego Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

A joint investigation is continuing at this hour with officers from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the State Police Forensic Identification Unit.