Video: Fulton McD’s Torn Down

McDonald’s is McGone in Fulton, at least for a while. The longtime store on Rt. 481 was torn down at the end of last week to make way for a new and improved fast food store.

We hear the store is due to be back in operation by mid-Fall.

YouTube user ChrisKnot took the video below of the store being eaten by large machines.


  1. lol i made the news wow how did you get this vid and the story

    [A mutual friend had shot her own video of the Mickey Dees coming down, but posted it on Facebook, which does not allow sharing. I searched YouTube to see if it had been posted there, too. It had not been, but yours was. We copied the “embed” code that’s on nearly all YouTube videos (thanks for sharing!) and that allowed us to show your video here, properly credited to you. Thanks again! -Dave Bullard/Managing Editor]

  2. That is so great lol I am glade they tore my work down and have to re build there looking to have it back up in Mid Nov. It will be so much dif. By the way that video is missing about 2 mins of it for some reason it didnt place it all in!

  3. yep you are right one of my co workers was there for when they were doing that… and she recorded it and it was on facebook! We placed it on youtube for my mother N law to veiw because she couldn’t get it to work on face book!

  4. Hey! This is the video Dan took! haha Let’s see, who was there? It was Dan Eickler, Angela Lesalles (sp?), Eric Naioti and myself….. sweeeeeeeeeeet. Thaaaat was the day :-)

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