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September 18, 2018

Violins Go Electric at Charles E. Riley

OSWEGO, NY – Charles E. Riley Elementary School student musicians Megan Lagoe, Leanna Restani  and Kaitlyn Grant received a unique opportunity to perform on electronic instruments during the recent “Music in Our Schools Month” concert.

Violins Go Electric at Charles E. Riley

Violins Go Electric at Charles E. Riley

With the use of these electric instruments, the students learn how the instrument is electrified by the use of pickups and amplifiers.

The students not only watch and listen to these instruments, now they can experience them as well.

These electric instruments bring an added excitement to the orchestra program.

These students performed on the electric instruments for the last song of the concert with the rest of the Riley orchestra playing an arrangement of Don’t Stop Believin’.

Music teacher Brian McIlroy arrange for the experience.

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