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September 23, 2018

Volleyball Wraps Up Season on a High Note

Monday vs. Hannibal we came out quickly in the first set and put the host on its heels.

The second set we started to struggle a bit with our serving but played some very solid defense at the end of the set to win set 2.

Set 3 we were able to regain our footing and play aggressively on the offensive side.

Tuesday vs. Southside Academy we did not start the match the way we needed to.

Too many service errors put us behind early in the set and our comeback fell short.

In set 2, 3 and 4 we minimized our errors both serving and defensively and won the middle 3 sets to take the match.

The fourth set was a lot of good back and forth volleyball and it became a match of which team was going to serve better.

South Side Academy had some great servers on its side and kept us on our heels all match long.

It was a good match for us to have as we had to bring our game level up to match the offense they were pouring on.

Very happy with how well we responded.

Thursday vs. Central Square we had a great back and forth match with the host group.

Our girls did a good job on the serving side but we had to fight for each point in set 2 and set 3.

In set 2 we let ourselves get behind early in the set and we struggled to keep ourselves in the match, but our serving got us back into the game.

Set 3 again a great serving game by both teams and we were able to finish the set off with some great serving to close out the set as well as close out our season.

I am very proud and happy with how well this group has come along this season.

The 7th grade group finished 5 and 1 and the Blue team finished at 5 and 0 for the season.


Date of Contest:    12.19.16          Opponent:   Hannibal

Scores: Oswego:     25/26/25            Hannibal: 16/24/18

Campbell, Alexis – ace
Cloonan, Mary Kate –  3 aces
Corrice, Meg – 2 aces
Griffiths, Olivia – ace
Libbey, Makayla – ace
Murray, Julia – 2 aces
Nettles, Katelyn – 4 aces
Porter, Julia – 6 aces
Upcraft, Mallory – ace, dig
Whelsky, Abbygail – kill, ace, dig
Wing, Grace – kill, assist

Record: 4-1 (7th grade)


Date of Contest:    12.20.16    Opponent:   Southside Academy

Scores: Oswego: 21/25/25/27/19       Southside Academy:25/13/21/25/25

Libbey, Makayla – 3 aces
Nettles, Katelyn – ace
Porter, Julia – ace
Upcraft, Mallory – 3 aces
Whelsky, Abbygail – 16 aces, kill
Casper, Madison – ace
Cloonan, Ava – 3 aces
Guarrera, Angelina – kill
Guarrera, Anna – kill, 2 aces, dig
Hammil, McKenna – 2 aces
Marsallo, Mia – ace
McManus – Mackenzie – 3 aces, 2 assists

Record: Blue team 5-0 (final record)


Date of Contest:    12.22.16          Opponent:   Central Square

Scores: Oswego:     25/26/27            Central Square:19/28/25

Avery, Azalia – 3 aces
Cloonan, Mary Kate –  4 aces
Griffiths, Olivia – ace
Libbey, Makayla – ace
Myers, Madison – kill, 3 aces
Nettles, Katelyn – ace
Porter, Julia – ace
Upcraft, Mallory – ace
Whelsky, Abbygail –ace
Wing, Grace – 7 aces

Record: 5-1 (7th grade)

Submitted by Theodore (Teddy) Beers
Physical Education Teacher
Volleyball and Lacrosse Coach
Oswego City School District

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