Volney Second Graders To Learn Life Cycle of Salmon

Volney Elementary School second graders hope their life cycle academic unit project goes swimmingly.

With the help of their teachers, the students have begun preparation of raising salmon to help them better understand the stages of life.

The second grade team received a jump-start on the process when they recently visited the Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar.

There, they learned that Native Americans and European settlers over-fished the Salmon River in the late 1800s.

Several years later, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation introduced stocking into the Salmon River and in 1980 the hatchery was built to provide enough salmon for the east side of Lake Ontario.

Because of the popularity of the sport in the region, increased stocking keeps the salmon population at higher levels.

This is where Volney second graders will help.

Thanks to the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES life-cycle educational program, the students will receive step-by-step instructions on how to hatch salmon eggs and care for the sac fry in their classrooms.

That process will begin in January when OCM BOCES will give them fertilized salmon eggs.

By April, the salmon will be released in Black Creek, located behind Mexico High School.