Volney students are “on a roll”

Volney Elementary School students were recently recognized by their principal and teachers for demonstrating role model behavior and a marked improvement in their studies during a special assembly at the school.

Volney students "on a roll" in April.
Volney students “on a roll” in April.

The following students were honored:

Noah Stock, Cadyn Reed, Alaina Reynolds, Paige Ball, Tyler Osborne, Joely LaPage, Autumn Warring, Rhyle Humphrey, Lucas Nelson, Reagan LaPage, Amara Fischel, Kalista Reynolds, Alex Hollenbeck, Wyatt Decker, Abagail Sheffield, Koji Burdic, Ashley Jackson, Emily Tice, Angel Ortiz, Jonathan McCann, Jaymes Garrison, Andrew Dedich, and Robert Moon.