Volney students create pizza from the ground up

Pizza Anyone?
Students at Volney Elementary School in the Fulton City School District learned a lot about where food comes from, making healthy food choices and more during a special after school enrichment program last year called “Grow Your World and Green Your School” or garden club.

Volney Elementary School Principal Jeff Hendrickson shows students in the garden club how to properly pick a carrot from their pizza garden. The students harvested the fruits of their labors and created their own homemade pizza sauce.

They learned about soil preparation, plant selection and propagation, nutrition, healthy eating, and much more.

As a club project, the students planted their very own pizza garden growing many of the items used in making pizza sauce such as tomatoes, peppers, carrots, herbs, and more.

The round planting bed was divided into “slices,” each featuring a selected pizza ingredient.

Recently the students met for a pizza party “harvesting” their plants and working together to create homemade sauce.

Macy Middleton, left, and Summer Kennedy, right, carefully separates the leaves from the stems on the oregano they grew in their pizza garden.
Caitlin Zupancic finds a red tomato in the pizza garden she, and other members of the garden club, planted last spring. The students harvested their vegetables and herbs to create pizza sauce which they used on their homemade pizza.
Hunter Garrison, left, and Jayda Borrow, right, show off the ripe tomatoes they picked in preparation for the pizza sauce. The students participated in a garden club enrichment program at the school last year and took an afternoon to enjoy the fruits of their labors.