Volney students ‘on a roll’ in September

Students at Volney Elementary School were recognized in a special assembly for their academic and/or social achievement during the month of September.

Volney students 'on a roll'
Volney students ‘on a roll’

These “on a roll” students included:

Ethan DuMont, Saige Conger, Gavynn Krick, Scott Cook, Alyson Sheffield, Allie Warner, Lucas Smith, Rylee Bartlett, Mike Doney, Teddy Clayton, Chris Clark, Dominick Mason, Sarah Nichols, Kaeloub Hawkins, Adam Shatrau, Macaila Webber, Madison Johnson, Nick Smith, Mason Williamson, Summer-Rae Kennedy and Jacob Curtis.

Pictured with the students is Volney Elementary Interim Principal Michael Egan.