Volney Voters Approve Water District Extension

Voters in Volney threw a shutout this week. They voted 29-0 to approve a new extension to the town’s water district.

The extension covers part of State Route 176 and a section of County Route 45. 67 property owners were eligible to vote, according to town clerk Barbara MacEwen.

It will cost members of the new district $757 a year for service: $549 in fixed costs and $208 for water for the average water user, said macEwen.

Money for the extension is coming from a grant from the US Department of Agriculture and is part of the federal economic stimulus effort.

The voters’ approval begins a lengthy process of getting the project up and running. The state Comptroller’s office will receive the vote results next and then give its approval. Several government agencies need to be coordinated, a public hearing will have to be held, and then bids will be solicited for construction.

MacEwen said that if all goes well, construction could happen next spring.