Voter Suppression

To The Editor:
Yes voters, we have voter suppression in Fulton on the east side of the river.

We all have an idea what voter suppression is, but what you may not know is to what lengths groups well go to suppress your ability to vote.

The most recent way is by reducing the number of polling sites; the next is to constantly move the polling sites.

When that doesn’t work what is the next trick?

Oh, let’s move the polling site outside the city of Fulton.

That’s right, that is the latest way of suppressing your ability to vote.

If you don’t know where your polling place has moved to you will not vote.

Now they will send you a little notice where to vote.

I, like most voters, will toss those little notices in the trash without looking.

They have moved the east-side polling site for the maybe the third time.

The contract with the college didn’t get renewed.

The neighborhood polling sites are gone.


The east side use to have as many as four at one time.

Now they are down to two.

One is at the towers downtown, the other one is now outside the city.

Instead of it being at the college where it has been for the past four years, it is now at the Elks Lodge on Pierce Drive outside the city line.

Next thing you know they will move it to the Volney Town Fire Station or Town Hall.

They use a method of finding a polling place that uses categories that can disqualify every past site.

They should look to see what makes the site usable not unusable.

The more polling sites the more people vote.

Now they will say it is a legal polling place according to NYS Election Law.

Yes, it is.

Let’s use the law in our favor, not against us.

All voters! Don’t let this stand.

It’s the east side this time. It could be your polling place the next time.

Stand up for your rights to vote and have a polling site that is convenient for you the voter, not the Election Board.

Polling site for voters in Fourth, Sixth and most of the Fifth wards are now at the Elks Lodge on Pierce Drive.

Now, I wonder if the members of the Elks Lodge are aware of the fact that they will not be able to serve alcohol during polling hours.

In case you don’t know where Pierce Drive is – it is the little street behind the college or just off Maple Avenue.

Let your voices be heard. Call your Board of Elections (349-8350).

Frank Castiglia Jr. Legislator 25th District


  1. “I, like most voters, will toss these little notices in the trash without looking”. –Frank

    I don’t see how you can blame that on anyone but yourself. They didn’t send it to you hoping that you would pitch it. You should read those things before doing so. Who knows? Maybe you could save $10 off your next oil change.

  2. Wizard–If someone is giving you $10 off your next oil change then they raised the price by $20 to cover the costs of giving you a $10 savings.
    If you don’t think so, think again.

  3. lol! plus they will have to be able to read the postcard!

    Silly argument though that this is somehow ‘voter suppression’. An inconvenience? possibly but with some of the wackos out there the board has to consider security and the host site probably needs special liability insurance.

  4. Frank, why don’t you go out and find a polling place that is available and conforms to the stringent requirements for handicapped accessibility? Once again you like to complain but don’t have an answer to the problem. Btw, glad to see you’re recovering from your fall?

  5. Jim Myers- You can always find something wrong with every possible site. The past sites all meet the requirements before but not now. That is bull…If you don’t think I gave alternatives just like the ones I always gave to the CC…think Jim..

  6. Mike Jones-the taxpayers pay good money for the right to vote and that right should not be an inconvenience. Your dig about being able to read is a low blow. My ancestors couldn’t read english when they came to this county and they were US citizens and had every right to Vote…so watch the digs please…

  7. Maybe they should just move the voting sites to local “Convenience Store” locations. They are usually open 24-7, and have servellience cameras to monitor any voter suppression or voter fraud. You could simply cast your vote at check-out registar #2, (with purchase of any large soft drink, or slushie) and the clerk would give you a recipt for any possible future recount purposes. All you would have to do is show a local ID and smile at the camera. Sorry, no “rewards points” for voting more than once.

  8. I’m not sure I understand this- you’re saying that a county office responsible for handling elections is trying to suppress voter turnout? What’s their motive here? Wouldn’t that put them out of a job? None of this makes any sense, sir. Read your mail, everybody. It’s not the government’s responsibility to read it to you, I mean talk about nanny state!

  9. I’m of sure I understand this- are you saying that a county office responsible for elections is trying to suppress voter turnout? Who’s the boogey man here, Frank? Wouldn’t that put them out of a job? None of this makes sense. Read your mail everybody, the government isn’t responsible for reading it to you. Talk about a nanny state!

  10. James, You are unaware of the fact that the Elections office are all appointed officials. Also if you want to control the outcome of an election the best way to do that is thru control of the votes. You can’t tell people who to vote for but you can control where they vote. When the voters get frustrated with the moving of their polling locations they tend not to vote. It’s a fact. just check the voter turn out from the time when there were Ward polling places to now when there are district polling places. Hope this clears things up a bit for you James.

  11. You didn’t answer my question, sir. It was not how, it was why. Why would a government office for elections want to suppress voter turnout? Sure they have a vested interest in encouraging people to vote. What does the office stand to gain? It makes no sense.

  12. James, Everyone knows that the Rep. party wants to control the elections any way they can. Voter Suppression is one of them. The Rep. party controls everything in this county.

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