Voters Tap Incumbents, Myer For Oswego School Board

OSWEGO, NY – Voters Tuesday  in the Oswego City School District returned two incumbents to the board of education and picked a new member.

school vote teaserThe voters also approved the $74,744,748 budget for the 2011 – 2012 school year. They also OK’d Proposition No. 2 – the purchase of 10 new school buses.

Sam Tripp and John Dunsmoor retained their seats on the board.

Tripp received a huge unofficial vote total of 2,240 with Dunsmoor right behind at 1,636.

Newcomer Bill Myer will replace Dave White on the board.

White, the current board president didn’t seek re-election. The Oswego City Republican Committee endorsed him as the GOP candidate for mayor of the city of Oswego.

Myer overtook Lynda Sereno late in the voting to claim the third and final seat.

He received 1,459 votes and Sereno brought in 1,376.

Also receiving votes was Jean Parker with 493.

According to the unofficial vote count, the budget passed 1,869 to 712 and the bus proposition was approved 1,767 to  796.

Kathleen Mantaro was the only one seeking the lone seat available on the Oswego Public Library’s board of trustees.

The library’s $1,068,973 proposed budget was approved 1,442 to 732.

“I’m very, very pleased with how well the budget passed,” Superintendent Bill Crist said. “And, the bus proposition, too. I appreciate the community’s support to keep safe buses on the road.”

He congratulated the three winners. He expected the two incumbents to do well. After that, he said, he wasn’t really sure how the rest would play out.

“I’m really happy with how the budget numbers came out,” he said. “It was a tough budget season. It was bittersweet; there were some cuts, some layoffs. We tried to come up with a budget that would preserve our educational programs as much as possible and also be one the public could support. To see how much the community supported this budget was very pleasing.”

“I was very happy to see the budget approved,” White said.

He congratulated Myer, and “wish him nothing but the best.”

“I also would like to congratulate Sam and John,” the board president said. “Both have done a great job and I know they will continue to do a great job of looking out for the taxpayers and the kids.”

Tripp charged out of the gate, collecting 240 votes from the first district reporting. He was the first candidate to crack the 1,000-vote plateau after five districts were in.

Dunsmoor rolled almost as strong as Tripp and passed the 1,000-vote mark after six districts were in.

Sereno hung on to the third spot through the first six districts. Myer jumped ahead 972 to 965 after seven districts were in. He beat out Sereno for the last spot by 83 votes.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me,” Myer said. “It was very nerve-wracking watching the votes come in. It didn’t look too good at the beginning.”

The neophyte board member-elect congratulated Tripp and Dunsmoor on their strong showing at the polls.

“I want to congratulate Sam and John and thank everyone for their support and confidence. I will do the best job that I can,” Myer said. “If you are sincere and do a good job, I think the people of Oswego respect that. Sam and John have done just that; they deserve a lot of credit.”

The Oswego school board has a good foundation, he said, adding that he hope to add to that.

The budget passed in all 10 districts this year. Last year it failed in Oswego’s Second Ward and the town of Scriba.

There are approximately 18,000 eligible voters in the school district. Last year, about 3,766 went to the polls. This year, about 2,600 voters turned out.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners. I personally am thrilled that Sam and John are back. I am really impressed with what they have done so far. I also wish Mr. Myer the best of luck.

    If you look at how many voted on the budget (1869+712=2581) and see that Sam got 2240, 86.8% of all voters cast their vote for Sam. He got strong bipartisan support from both the teachers and everyone else which shows what a class act he really is.

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