Wall of Excellence Nominations Sought by Sandy Creek School District

The Sandy Creek Central School District will be accepting nominees for the “Wall of Excellence.”

This appreciation program will recognize past and present faculty and staff members who have exhibited unforgettable commitment and service to the children of the Sandy Creek Central School District.

In order to be nominated for the Wall of Excellence, nominees must meet the following criteria and be selected by the Wall of Excellence Selection Committee:

– Must have achieved a high level of professionalism and dedication while employed by the Sandy Creek Central School District.
– Displayed a true commitment to the Mission of the Sandy Creek Central School District.
– During their service with the School District, demonstrated an extra-ordinary level of performance for the benefit of students, staff, and the community.

A selection committee was appointed by the board of education.

Its purpose will be to review nominations and select finalists for the annual award. The number of finalists inducted each year will be determined by the selection committee.

To receive a nomination form, please call Stewart R. Amell, Superintendent of School, 387-3445 ext. 1510 or go to our website at www.sccs.cnyric.org

Deadline for nominations will be accepted until January 16, 2015.