Wallace Says He’ll Bring Solid New Leadership, Fresh Vision As Oswego Town Supervisor

OSWEGO TOWN, NY – Oswego Town resident, local community advocate, business owner (Creative Business Development, LLC), Senior Master Sergeant in the USAF ANG, and father, Jeff R. Wallace announces that he is a candidate for the Town of Oswego Supervisor.

Wallace has a strong interest in the future direction of the Town of Oswego, as an 18-year Oswego resident with his wife, Marian, and their four children Kellye (25), Richard (16), Lauren (14), and Joseph (12).

Jeff R. Wallace
Jeff R. Wallace

Wallace brings with his candidacy a wealth of experience, from military and not-for-profit organizations to private business consulting that has given him the opportunity to work within a team atmosphere and achieve results in various environments.

He has had an active role in the success of local capital campaigns including the new building for Oswego Salvation Army and the renovation and expansion of the Oswego Public Library. He also has held positions running the daily operations of not-for-profit organizations that have served troubled and homeless youth, as well as maintains previous substitute teaching experience.

Additionally, he has more than 35 years experience in public and media relations, and 30 years of private, public, and military management with senior level human resources qualifications.

“My heart is in this community and Marian, my wife, was born and raised in Oswego Town,” Wallace said. “Serving our town residents as its supervisor is the very foundation of community service, it is ‘grass roots’ involvement, and something I will take great pride in.”

Wallace has an extended list of accomplishments from across the United States both serving and building grass roots organizations and service efforts in many communities.

As early as 1983, he was named one of the Most Outstanding Young Men in America by the U.S. Jaycees and has since earned the New York State Counter Drug Service Award, the Army Communities of Excellence Certificate of Customer Service Excellence, has been nominated for the Scholars Award for Excellence in Humanitarianism for his work with homeless and at-risk youth along with many other awards and recognitions through the years.

With a unique understanding of the needs of youth, he organized and created a statewide drug awareness organization called STAND (Students Taking Action Not Drugs) in cooperation with the Hospital Corporation of America.

“I believe my experience with business consulting, budget management, board development and organizational and program development have prepared me for this challenge with the Oswego Town Supervisor,” he said. “I have solid opinions based on my experience that I believe are shared by most in our community, especially about the direction of the Town’s governing. I would be honored by the opportunity to express those thoughts and ideas as the next Oswego Town Supervisor.”

Issues and ideas at the core of Wallace’s agenda include:

Creative Budget Management:

It is of critical importance, today, to be fiscally vigilant with taxpayer dollars. It is my goal to ‘hold the line on taxes and fees, while we examine the town’s current budget, looking for opportunities to make sound and reasonable decisions to lower operating cost and cut waste when possible.

Better Communications:

I believe there is a big communications disconnect between Town Hall and the residences. I want to improve that by establishing a quarterly newsletter that is either sent, to every residence, by e-mail or by regular mail, an annual report reflecting accomplishment, issues, and a look at the town’s budget.

Encourage New Business:

I believe that we need to promote our town’s resources in hopes of establishing some new businesses that will provide a need for our community. I would like to see a ‘right size’ grocery store come to Oswego Town. I will do my best to create an atmosphere that Town Hall will work with new business opportunities in a ‘welcoming manner.’

Office Hours:

Because I am self-employed it gives me daily flexibility, therefore I plan on creating daily office hours. I believe that accessibility is important and as busy as we are today, ‘convenience’ is the ‘name of the game.’ I want to be convenient for the Towns residents and daily office hours will make that happen.

Grants Research and Writing:

I can’t remember when I wrote my first grant application but it was a long time ago and I am still doing it. Part of creative budgeting is obtaining grant dollars to financially support special projects. I have written many economic development, agriculture, law enforcement and youth program grants for organizations both non-profit and for profit in different parts of our country including New York. I will bring those grant research and writing skills to Oswego Town Hall.

Town Hall Usage:

I want to encourage the use of our new Town Hall, especially to our seniors and community groups.

Family Town Park:

I would like to establish a residents committee to explore the idea of a new and bigger town park. I also would to establish some meaningful youth programs for our town. I am so impressed by the Town of Scriba Recreation Center and the community programming they offer. Why not the Town of Oswego!

Wallace is optimistic about what can be accomplished if he was elected.
“If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I would like to serve six years and be known as the ‘guy’ who lowered our property taxes and brought new and innovative idea’s fit for our town,” said Wallace. “I want to see more involvement from the town’s residence but as a town leader you have to reach out and communicate with them on a regular bases and I plan to do just that.”

Wallace serves as a board president of the Oswego County Veterans Museum and Heritage Center; board member, Oswego Ladies Home; H. Lee White Marine Museum and RSVP.

He served 10 years as a Cub Scout den leader for Oswego’s Scout Pack 888. Wallace is a member of Oswego’s Buc Boosters.

He is a graduate of Bethel College and a certified development consultant.

If you would like to contact Wallace e-mail him at [email protected] or call 402.8802.