Wasteful Use Of Sand!

To The Editor:
This past weekend the wife and I took a ride up to God’s county (North Eastern Oswego County).

We first went to Albion (Albion cross road).

The road looked in pretty good shape, a little sand.

We then took a ride, after lunch to the town of Boylston.

We rode down Center Road to the intersection of County Route 13.

Here is where the ride got a little tricky.

At the intersection of those two roads, I almost got stuck in the mud.

There was so much sand on the road I almost needed to put my truck into four-wheel drive to get started.

Turning onto County Route 13, I couldn’t believe that the county still had dirt roads.

After driving a while, I stopped and got out and scraped at the dirt.

Sure enough, I found a paved road; under all the mud was a very nice paved road.

It is appalling that, that much sand had been used.

There are two issues I have with this.

First, it is a waste of taxpayer money.

The town of Boylston receives county taxpayer money for the snow maintenance of county roads.

Second, it is a safety hazard for motorist.

Mud is as dangerous as ice.

Being a member of the Oswego County Legislature, I feel it is my duty to ask our Highway Superintendent, Kurt Ospelt, to investigate this problem.

I will also ask what actions can be taken to deal with this abuse.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.


  1. Legislator Castiglia. Which is cheaper, sand or salt ? While I am not happy about the amount of sand in my front yard every spring, I am not driving in slush and ice during the winter. Maybe you should investigate the cost of salt/sand in your legislative area before you complain about someone else’s.

  2. James Ellis, the point is the abuse of the use of Sand by the Town of Boylston highway department on county roads and billing the county costing the taxpayers(that includes you)more than what is necessary. I know Salt costs more than sand and if a city is abusing the use of Salt I would say something to the City and those costs are only to the city residents not the whole county. From your comment I guess we should be looking at the town of Orwell for misuse of Sand as well as Boylston.Thank you for the heads up and thank you for reading my letter.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one to notice this. When I travel to Winona State Forest I noticed excessive sand on both Co Rt 15 and Center Rd. It looked like a dirt road. I don’t know if that is the “norm” up there but where I live in Scriba you can see pavement. For the amount of sand on the road and from what I first witnessed 2 years ago I think it would definitely be worth into.

  4. Frank…i cant beleive it..NOT..this county is going to the dogs and fast..i still have had no luck with the veterains council…why is she there? She doesnt return calls nothing…i truley cant wait till these grandchildren to decide its time to leave..the city of fulton is a train wreck waiting to implode itself…so many issues…i cant beleive i snezzed on saturday….AND NO ONE SAW IT SO THEY COULDNT CHARGE ME FOR IT….I HATE THIS CITY AND ALL WHO RUN IT..its time to get rid of the whole bunch of them…even the reporter who only gives up good news.and that person also is a tax payer here ..i dont get it…frank your a good man and an HONEST MAN…you have my vote …FRANK FOR PRESIDENT…

  5. Frank, thank you so much for bringing this issue of too much sand on the roads in the town of Boylston. I live on county route 15. We have been complaining about this issue, and also the fact that the sand is also being spread on days when the roads are bare pavement. It seems the plows are on the roads more often on days when it is clear. Then at night when it is snowing heavily, not a plow in sight. At the town line, where the town of Sandy Creek plows, the road is usually down to bare pavement. Oh I wish we could have the town of Sandy Creek plow all of Boylston. To the ignorant tax payers who just sit and do nothing. Look at your tax bill. This is mine; county tax is 983.90 and the townwide Boylston highway tax is 752.82. What am I getting for my 752.82? Certainly not safe roads in the winter! Ripped off, that is what I am getting! Wake up people! To all the Oswego County Legislators, who sit and do nothing, we are banding together, to vote you out! You are public servants, who do not serve, and do not represent us. That is issue 1 and 2. My third issue is the lack of snow plowing at night. A couple of years ago, I was not able to drive up the hill on county route 15, and had to wake up my husband at 1 am, leaving my special needs child alone. The snow in the middle of the road was over my knees! Well looks like the first real storm is heading for us on Saturday, we will be measuring and photographing the amount of snow that is not being plowed, but being billed to the taxpayers. Business as usual. Thank you Frank. Keep up the good work. We are behind you!

  6. There is a different protocol that must be followed for the County roads. I live on a town road and see the County roads are plowed and sanded much more because those roads are a priority. You must have come just before the highway department graded the sand off the road with the road maintainer. They have had to do that a couple times this year even though we have had a lot of rain. When the snow and sand gets real thick they grade the roads and immediately re-sand them.

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