Watch Fulton, Mexico, Phoenix & Hannibal Wrestling Live At Section III Duals

Watch Live – New York State – Section III Wrestling Duals – Saturday Jan. 23, 2010 on – starts at 10am EST.

First Round Coverage:

Adirondack vs. Mohawk
Mexico vs. Beaver River

Second Round Coverage:
Phoenix vs. Vernon Verona Sherrill
Holland Patent vs. Hannibal

Later Rounds TBA

According to

Syracuse, NY January 23, 2010:

* 10:00 – 11:45 Upper Bracket Preliminary Round
* 11:45 – 01:30 Lower Bracket Preliminary Round
* 01:30 – 03:15 Quarter-Finals
* 03:15 – 05:00 Semi-Finals
* 05:00 – 08:00 Finals

The bracket draws are complete and the 16 teams invited to the 2009 Section III Dual Meet Tournament. The top five seeds are:

1. South Jefferson Spartans
2. Fulton Red Raiders
3. Phoenix Firebirds
4. Indian River Warriors
5. Mexico Tigers

The rest was the luck of the draw.

* Tie breaking procedure according to the rule book.
* Home team for each match will be decided by a coin flip.
* Weight class to begin each match will be drawn during the coaches’ meeting and then rotated for the next round.
* Losing teams in the first two rounds will wrestle an additional match in a secondary gym