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September 23, 2018

Water Chestnut Pull Deemed A Success

FULTON, NY – On Aug 2, more than two dozen volunteers participated in the pulling and removal of the invasive water chestnut from areas around the historical Battle Island area of the Oswego River.

Mary Marturano checks Aiden Mike's collection of water chestnuts.

Mary Marturano checks Aiden Mike’s collection of water chestnuts.

Volunteers were a diverse group including NY Sea Grant Launch Stewards and people from Jefferson and Onondaga counties – and visitor from Colorado.

With the large group, multiple areas were selected and were cleared of the water chestnuts.

The invasive water chestnut has plagued the Oswego River and Canal, creating a negative impact on the ecological balance of the river, boating and fishing.

Each rosette (the floating top pad) can produce multiple nutlets, which in turn, each produce new water chestnuts.

The dormancy of a nutlet can be up to 10 years, so rechecking and annual pulling is necessary.

Where water chestnuts have been pulled for the last seven years, results have been positive with no or little growth showing.

To learn more about the water chestnut and other invasive aquatic and terrestrial plants go to the SLELO-PRISM webiste: http://www.sleloinvasives.org/regional-prisms/slelo-prism-partners/

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