Water Project Will Result In Outages At Times

OSWEGO, NY – During 2014, the Riley School water tank that supplies system pressure to the Oak Hill section of the eastside of Oswego City is being replaced by a new pump station.

Part of that project will be to replace all the system check valves that maintain the water pressure at the top of Oak Hill.

The work to replace those check valves will be done during the months of August and September, and will require periodic isolations of the water mains in the immediate areas where the replacements are being done.

The majority of the affected area is between Syracuse Avenue to East 10th and between East Oneida and Bunner streets.

Typically, the periodic isolations will result in the local residents being without water for a short period of time.

Whenever possible, notices will be placed at each house, in the immediate area the day before, alerting residents of a planned water outage the following day.

When water is returned to service, there is a chance that it can become discolored as sediments and other debris can be disturbed from the work.

When water service is returned, it is recommended to flush the home connections through an outside spigot until the water runs clear, before inside faucets are used.

Please call the City Engineer’s office at 342-8154, or the Water Department at 343-0111 with any questions or for further information.