Watercolor Painting Classes

Artist Brenda Edwards will be teaching a Watercolor Painting class at the Art Association of Oswego (AAO) for four evenings, from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesdays, August 9, 16, 23, and 30. Edwards has a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Syracuse University. Her paintings explore the glow of sunsets, both seen and remembered to investigate the boundary between abstraction and reality. She has experience in oils, photography, watercolor, pastel and drawing.

The objective of the Watercolor Painting class is to show the vast range and flexibility of watercolor and to put emotion into painting by exploring the creativity of each individual. A variety of materials and techniques will be discussed, including the selection of papers, brushes, and pigments. Students will work from still-life, landscape, portrait or their own source material. The classes are open to painters of all levels. Whether you are a novice just learning to mix color, or a professional needing advanced problem solving, individualized and group instruction will address needs at your level and push you to the next step in your personal development.

Paper, watercolors and brushes will be provided for these classes. Other materials that might be needed will be addressed in the first class.

The tuition for the four classes is $60.00 for AAO members and $75.00 for non-members. There is a $20.00 materials fee. To register please phone the AAO Class Coordinator Laurie Kester at 343-6599. The Art Association of Oswego is located at the north end of East 4th Street, across the road from Historic Fort Ontario. For information on other events at the AAO visit our website at www.oswegoarts.org.