Watertown Businessman Enters 23rd Congressional Race

OSWEGO, NY – Matt Doheny kicked off a three-day announcement tour across the 11-county 23rd Congressional District on Wednesday with stops in Oswego, Watertown and Canton.

Doheny, who was raised in Alexandria Bay, is seeking the 23rd Congressional Seat.

He now lives in Watertown and Alexandria Bay.

A graduate of Allegheny College and Cornell Law School, he currently is a businessman who works as a portfolio manager for Fintech Advisory.

Matt Doheny kicks off his campaign for the 23rd Congressional District seat on Wednesday in Oswego.
Matt Doheny kicks off his campaign for the 23rd Congressional District seat on Wednesday in Oswego.

In announcing his campaign at Vona’s Restaurant, he vowed to bring “North Country values” to Washington.

He said he has spent virtually every day on the road the past four months talking to people in the 11-county district.

“Their message has been very direct and very clear,” he said. “Number one, people tell me they’re sick and tired of being over taxed; sick of the outrageous government spending. And they are deeply angry and deeply troubled about the government bailouts that happened over the course of the last year.”

People want the deficit brought under control and have a balanced budget in Washington, he added.

“They want to do something about lightening the regulatory burden of the heavy hand of government,” he said. “They want someone with common sense who actually listens to them.”

Most importantly, they want to see the economy begin to grow again, he said.

“They want the opportunity for themselves and for their children and grandchildren to have good paying jobs,” he continued.

Doheny is seeking the endorsements of the Republican and Independence parties.

His parents instilled the importance of hard work and discipline in him as a child, he said.

Like so many other parents in the district, his parents lost their son to better opportunities elsewhere, he said.

“Those opportunities for me included moving to New York to help restructure companies – saving and maintaining the jobs people relied on,” he said.

After his father died, he made a special effort to come home every weekend. That, he said, reminded him how special the communities of the 23rd District are. So he bought a home a moved back to stay close to family and friends.

To give people in the district the opportunity to live the American Dream, they have to change the tone of what’s going on in Washington, DC, he said.

“And, to change the tone, we need a new representative in Congress,” he said. “Despite the controversial circumstances that happened in the course of the special election that happened this past November, I still think it was our collective hope that the winner would still be an independent minded person; that he would follow in the footsteps of John McHugh, Dave Martin, that he would vote to benefit all of you. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.”

His opponent has followed the whims of Nancy Pelosi and the Washington crowd, Doheny said.

Bill Owens voted in favor of health care, the first step in terms of nationalizing one-sixth of the nation’s economy, Doheny said, adding, “We have to change, we have to change.”

Help is on the way, he continued.

“As the new congressman I will vote in favor of tax cuts. I will vote in terms of reducing government regulation. I will vote to make people’s pocketbooks have the opportunity to live the dream. I will make sure that we as a federal government don’t spend more than we take in. And I will be dogged in the pursuit of economic opportunities in terms of job creation to make sure that every person who wants to have a job will have a job here in the 23rd Congressional District.”

He also vowed to strongly support Fort Drum and all the military.

“We all know that Washington needs change. We need a lot more common sense and we need people that bring a deep understanding of the issues here in the 23rd Congressional District,” Doheny said. “As your newly elected representative, I will bring a common sense Upstate conservative voice to Washington, DC.”


  1. after 8 years of corruption from the Republicans and war for porfits_ I think most common sense folks can sse that the Republican party is done enough damage to this Great Nation and will seek to elected any other then someone from the Republican party.

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  2. well, well. a republican sounding like a republican. he obviously learned that from mr. hoffman, who by the way, ill be voting for and i strongly urge mr. williams and the rest of the gop committee in oswego county to endorse him as well.

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