WBUC January 8, 2016

The student produced local news show the Buc Buzz returns as Jake Gerber and Olivia Rando take us through another week of news. First up is the rough start to 2016 for Oswego, as a series of fires broke out around town. Tanner Wegzyn highlights the Harborfest celebration that Oswego hosts every summer. With bullying an ever growing concern among schools Nate Greene and Nate Schultzkie take an in depth look at the issue. On a more uplifting note listen in as Roman Madlangbayan and Rachel Lagoe talk about the renewed tradition of a Christmas Concert taking place during school the day before break begins. Billy Green and Austin Richardson are back yet again with their weekly technology update as they discuss new developments in the world of tech. Billy Barlow is now sworn in as the mayor of Oswego with Jake Gerber giving the full story. Rounding out the show are Greg Caster, Miranda Miller and Zach Cary with Brandon Grant discussing the essay contest he has recently won.