This is the first edition of Oswego High School’s student produced Buc Buzz local news show. The WBUC Studio is student directed by Chase Pelton and Natasha Mezza. Weekly, the staff of WBUC will be working hard to produce this 20 minute show. Tune in as Jake Gerber and Olivia Rando walk you through the various events going on in the Oswego area. Get up to date on the Common Core standards that are being implemented around the state and find where to take a survey from New York State pertaining to the standards. Catch up with the OHS boys volleyball team as they move on to the state competition and get the details on the closing of the FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant. Get a look at the rally that took place to deem Fort Ontario status as a national landmark. Oswego City School District also has a new superintendent who’s excited for an opportunity to help the district grow and excel. Also get an update on the technological world as This Week in Technology highlights the latest advancements in the field. Rounding out the show are community highlights of various locations around the city that deserve some recognition.