We live in an Authoritarian Regime

We’ve been hearing the word “regime” in the news quite a bit lately and I decided to look it up. I was shocked when I saw the definition because it sounded oddly familiar. Here is what it said:

“Authoritarian regime” – a government that concentrates political power in an authority not responsible to the people.

On Saturday September 7th, I was disappointed to again read a published quote from Fred Beardsley, who now occupies the Oswego County Treasurer’s office. Once again, he publicly stated that the “rules and laws” should apply when getting on the ballot in this year’s elections. Those were his public comments again, when the Court decided to remove his challenger from the election process this fall.

Fred’s remarks concerned me because it was quite obvious that the “rules and laws” were not respected when fourteen County Legislators that are part of this “authoritarian regime” decided to fill a vacancy and appoint Fred to the position of County Treasurer, even though we do not have the legal authority to do so.

State Laws and Court decisions specifically state that only the Governor can fill these vacancies. As legislators, we took an oath to follow the laws as they are, not bend them for political convenience. So once again, Fred Beardsley is showcasing the double standard applied by this “authoritarian regime.”

Here’s another example, in the race for the 25th District Legislative seat this year, republican Louella LeClair had an insufficient number of signatures for the Independence Party Line. So they were challenged and due to a minuscule paperwork technicality, the challenge wasn’t allowed to proceed. So Ms. LeClair still has that line even though she submitted fraudulent names for that minor party line. The republican occupant of the Treasurer’s Office, Fred Beardsley, who is now running for a full four year term, filed a challenge to his Democratic – backed opponent`s petitions and guess what? There were paperwork technicalities with Fred’s legal challenge and for some odd reason, they were allowed to proceed. Why? It`s very easy, because in Oswego County, we live in an “authoritarian regime” where the rules are bent to support the politically connected few. The people of this County are accustomed to this way of life and aren’t shocked anymore when it happens. That doesn’t mean that those of us in office that don’t agree with how government functions here, should accept it and not call them out for their hypocrisy or try to change it.

After the occupant of the County Treasurer`s office (that would be Fred Beardsley) made similar remarks a few weeks earlier, I wrote a letter to the editor illustrating the double standard applied here and had no intention of addressing it again. But since Fred once again stated that “rules and laws” should be adhered to, everything written here needs to be said again. In this “authoritarian regime” that is Oswego County, there are a different set of rules and it depends on what political party you’re enrolled in.

For Fred Beardsley to utter his comments about “rules and laws” reminds me of a football player with no class that does an arrogant dance in the end zone after scoring a touchdown with seconds left in the fourth quarter, even though his team is already questionably up by more than 30 points.

Dan Farfaglia
Oswego County Legislator
24th District Fulton-Granby