Weather Notebook For March 18, 2011

Weather Notebook For March 18, 2011

According to Fulton’s weather observer, no snow fell on March 16 or 17.

Total snowfall for March remains at 5.0 inches.

And, the winter total stays at 214.9 inches.

Fulton received 0.24-inch of rain on March 16 and no rain on March 17.

The monthly total now stands at 2.79 inches and the annual total at 3.95 inches.

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  1. I finally saw a lot of green on March 17!! Maybe St. Patrick is working for us?

    I’m so sorry about the people of Japan. They are a great example to the United States as far as people acting as family and helping each other in horrible, horrible circumstances. I’ve seen no looting, or selfishness happening with the Japanese people. What happens here in the USA when we have a disaster? Looting, shooting? GOD bless the USA. PLEASE!!

    Mary Ann Cartner

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