Website, hotline established for public to learn about NY SAFE Act

In an effort to help the public, a website and hotline have been established to answer all questions about the New York SAFE Act.

The Governor’s Office has established

On the website, gun owners and licensed dealers will find a list of frequently asked questions that have been compiled and answered by experts on this new law.

There is also a section on what is and is not considered an assault weapon.

This includes photos of weapons, banned features, a list of some of the banned weapons, and those firearms that are NOT considered assault weapons.

The New York State Police have established a hotline 1-855-LAW-GUNS.

The hotline will be available starting January 21.

The hotline will run for normal business hours Monday through Friday and will be staffed by State Police members.


  1. IS MY m-14 rifle illegal ??

    Is my police service weapon 9 ( Glock 19 ) Illegal ??
    ( I’m a retired police officer )

  2. What bothers me is the speed and lack of public forum that this “LAW” was passed. Automobiles kill more people every year then Assault riffles. Drunk drivers do more damage then assault riffles but we don’t outlaw Automobiles and liquor, do we? maybe if the Governor read this he will. This is a government not working with the people. The Albany and Ny City Elite are now dictating to the state. We the people were not involved in this law, and the majority are paying for it. I will make sure they hear us now!

  3. Cuomo pushed this thru , he waived the public comment meetings that were supposed to occur , just so he could stick a political feather in his hat by being Governor of the 1st state to pass a new gun law after Newton shooting rushed was he to do this that he did not even put in provisions for law enforcement guns. How long would it have taken to include the phrase in the new law …Law Enforcement is exempt from the clip capacity clause …How Effin Stupid!!! Does he and the other pols in this state actually think this whole bill is gonna solve or correct anything ?? my vote is No! We are already one of the most heavily regulated gun states as it is . My other major complaint ….why do we need to register our handguns with the State Police ?? …they are already registered in our respective counties. Has that idiot Cuomo not been paying attention to the news?? If the Journal News can amass a list of gun owners in 2 counties …how hard can it be for the SP to find who owns what guns with their resources?? The FBI already has your fingerprints and a sample bullet from the gun ( yes every gun gets fired once and the bullet sent to the FBI for their records) and records of gun ownership. Once again … the 99.9 % legal ,law-abiding citizens take it up the azz by the politicians. The gun registration with State Police is just another unnecessary layer of BS to make the law seem like it will actually do anything constructive and useful. Maybe we should send boot Cuomo out of the Governor’s house and any other Pol who voted yes for this bill. last item …just how does a flash suppressor or a pistol stock on any gun mean anything other than for looks or functionality ?? this whole folding stock/flash suppressor /pistol grip makes it a assault weapon is just more BS. And how does 7 rds in a 10 rd clip solve or correct anything ??? Stupid law so some Pol can say ..OH Look what i did !!! Ain’t I/ We great !!! don’t plan on a 2nd term Cuomo …ain’t gonna happen.

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