Weight Watchers To Meet At Fulton YMCA

FULTON NY – The Fulton Family YMCA will begin hosting a Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. beginning April 21.

Both organizations aim to create a long-term, healthy lifestyle program to benefit Oswego County residents.

Starting in April, local Weight Watchers participants will be utilizing the Fulton Family YMCA facilities for a weekly meeting.

“We are extremely pleased to have the Weight Watchers community join us here at the YMCA,” said Kim McPherson, program director of the Fulton Family YMCA.

For more than 45 years, Weight Watchers has been assisting individuals with weight-loss goals through teaching healthy eating habits and behaviors and providing support.

For its part, the Fulton Family YMCA has been promoting healthy lifestyles locally for more than 145 years.

“Separately, these two organizations have helped thousands of local residents achieve weight-loss and fitness goals. To combine what each has to offer will be a perfect combination,” said McPherson.

“To pursue fitness goals without a solid nutritional and dietary plan often yields poor results over the long term.” McPherson explained. “Short-term weight-loss competitions provide some benefit, but once the incentives disappear, inches around the waistline can easily reappear. In order to sustain any weight loss achievement, or to maintain a healthy condition, individuals need a life plan which they can follow and enjoy year in and year out.”

Ideally, participants who seek personal training at the Fulton Family YMCA will also have the option of joining Weight Watchers, which will complement their long-term fitness goals, McPherson added.

“This is a win-win situation,” said Weight Watchers’ Shelley Riley. “By offering group fitness classes, its gym, and fitness center for exercise, the Fulton Family YMCA offers Weight Watchers participants the ability to enjoy meeting one of the critically important parts of our program – getting more active.”

The Weight Watchers meeting at the Fulton Family YMCA will open in April, just about the time many people begin backsliding from their New Year’s resolutions, Riley suggested.

“This unique approach to healthy living is a fitting means of continuing the Fulton Family YMCA’s longstanding mission of helping Oswego County residents improve their quality of life,” said McPherson.

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For more information, call Weight Watchers directly at 1-800-379-5757, visit WeightWatchers.com or just show up on April 21.