Welcome Home Corey Clayberg!

Corey Clayberg
Corey and his father Joe Clayberg – Fort Drum

My husband and I had the pleasure of traveling to Fort Drum to welcome my Stepbrother Corey Clayberg home from a nine month deployment to Afghanistan.
The trip to Fort Drum for this event was filled with excitement and relief that he was home safe. I could only imagine the things he had seen and had endured during his time there.
I have shared with many people my experience of being there to see all of the men and woman come home to their families and only wish that everyone could experience this, fathers seeing their children for the first time, wives and husbands getting to hug their spouses that they have missed for so long. Mothers and fathers holding their grown children whom they have not seen in what I can only imagine seemed like a lifetime.
Seeing Corey run to his family and friends had me overtaken by many emotions to see his relief and excitement to be home. So in closing I would like to say
“Welcome Home to Corey and I am grateful for your sacrifice and for all of the men and woman that defend our freedoms and rights we have because of these brave men and woman.”

Deanna Reed

We’re able to live in a world without fear

Because someone has fallen

We have our freedom we hold so dear

Because someone has fallen

We are able to be with the ones we love

Because someone has fallen

We live in a country we can be proud of

Because someone has fallen

We are able to raise that flag up high

Because someone has fallen

Whenever we hear a newborn cry

It is because someone has fallen

Nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice and

Every good soldier won’t think twice

to keep on fighting for our country

and for those soldiers who have fallen

Written by: Linda Jean Taylor

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  1. I know the couple who were there and I have never met anyone more appreciative of our country’s Military Men and Women. She shared with me her experience and I felt like I was there. Thank you for sharing this Fred and Deanna.
    Linda, the poem’s author, is also one with a passion for those in the Military. As the mother of a military son, she has a great understanding of what they all go through. Linda, you are my hero.

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