Welcoming UAlbany’s Newest Great Danes

ALBANY, NY — We warmly welcome our newest Great Danes to the UAlbany family!

As students begin their journey here, we want to acknowledge their first step in becoming a Great Dane – Student Orientation.

Kassandra Buffham of West Monroe (13167) is offically a UAlbany Great Dane!

Jordan Farrell of Cleveland (13042) is offically a UAlbany Great Dane!

Brett Trainor of Mexico (13114) is offically a UAlbany Great Dane!

During the week of January 23, the newest members of the Great Dane community participated in an Orientation program that offers new students an opportunity to meet other students, discover academic and campus life opportunities on campus, and meet with their academic advisor.

It is a wonderful opportunity for both students and families to become familiar with the campus and discover what it truly means to be a Great Dane.