Where the Sun Does Shine

“To provide light where there is darkness…”
This is the purpose of this new column. This is also the beginning of a mission statement by a new, local small business-Sunshine Community and Child Care Center. The Sunshine Center is currently located 113 Schuyler Street Suite 9 in Fulton, New York. By calling (315)561-7861 you can schedule for a drug tested, background checked and trained child care provider to care for your little ones- On-call, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Sunshine Center is the only Drop In Child Care Center. Sunshine Center is the only child care center with surveillance 24/7. See more at www.herewegrow.org

The Sunshine Community & Child Care Center was founded by Jessica Naioti, in memory of Alex Clemmons, Amanda Schwake, Shaun Hicks, Janelle Granger, Liz Baker and all the other parents that cannot be here to see their children today. The Sunshine Community & Child Care Center has been made possible by Louis Wallace, Terry O’Brian, Alan Emerich, Renee Szabo, Debra Pawlewicz and countless others who took this project under their wings to get it soaring.
Like the City of Fulton, the primary purpose of the Sunshine Center is the future-the future being our children. That future is a result of what we do today. The Sunshine Community & Child Care Center, its principles and its staff utilize untraditional and fresh tools and tactics to face today’s untraditional and fresh issues in the community. The Sunshine Center offers not only 24/7 On-Call Child Care Services, but Youth Groups and Community Development events. The staff at the Sunshine Center does anything for anyone at any time, no matter what, as long as it is supporting the primary purpose. Sunshine Staff has brought parents’ home from work at 2 am. The Sunshine Center Staff has committed to go any lengths to help people.
That is why volunteering is so important to keep this movement going, in order to share some of the blessings each of us carrying. The Sunshine Community & Child Care even uses intriguing idea’s to encourage service work, such as the Lil’ Momma’s and Money Makers Recruitment Program. The Lil’ Momma’s program will train and background check parents in order to trade child care for their children in reciprocation for child care service at the Center. The Money Makers Recruitment Program is for virtually anyone to make money by making referrals of new members to the Center. The Program can be as formal as setting up a table at a local store, such as Wal-Mart or even Cayuga Community College or a park. After approval by the Director of the Center, individuals can schedule these recruitment dates, places and times and sign up members on the spot or encourage them to call at a later date.
The Sunshine Center and its affiliates work on a daily basis at resolving nontraditional issues such as drug addiction, single parent homes, bullying, unemployment and most of all, community connection. The Sunshine Center offer reasonable free child care for a child that has lost a parent. Sunshine also offers reasonable free Center memberships for parents working at rehabilitation. The Sunshine Center also offers $20 memberships for students. They have direct resources on hand with local churches, Cayuga Community College, Women Infants and Children Program, the Department of Labor, the Department of Social Services, the local School District, local and State governments, as well as, their own educated and experienced staff and neighborhood. The Center allows for Parent/Child classes to be held outside of normal business hours as well.
Although On-Call services are always available, the Center itself is open Monday through Friday from 10 am – 5 pm for easy Drop In Services. However, if you need after hours or weekend service, you can easily get that too just by calling (315)561-7861. The Sunshine Center offers a Youth Group that is encouraged to meet weekly on Saturday nights at 8 pm at the Center to address old news, new news and plan for their monthly dances held at the City of Fulton Municipal Building. The last dance was on Halloween with staff leader, Renee Robillard Szabo as supervisor.
Quarterly there will be adult social banquets held to encourage community connections, especially small business. The first will be the Gratitude Gala November 30th held at the Fulton Municipal Building from 5:30 pm – 10 pm. Comedian, Nick Marra, from Funny Bones and Wise Guys will be entertaining, along with some wonderful local music and catering. There is a variety main course dinner to be served and several different levels of event sponsorship available. For more information on Event Sponsorship or tickets, please call (315)561-7861.
The Sunshine Center believes that the answers to community problems are within the community. Unlike nonprofits, Sunshine Center is proud to utilize community members and at cost charges instead of taking from federal and state grants and funding, which raises taxes. Keeping money local keeps the local economy strong. The Sunshine Center encourages bettering people, making them more employable, connecting the community and creating events for all ages, in order to do that. The Center holds Community Business meetings the last day of every month at 4 pm to discuss the progress, actions and issues regarding this purpose. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.
We hope that you learn more about the Center and what you can do to help shine a little light in your neighborhood.
Live in Peace. JMN.