Why I Support Matt Doheny for Congress

Dear Sir or Madam:

During the preparations for the 23rd Congressional District special election of 2009, when I was Mayor of the City of Oneida, I asked Matt Doheny, candidate for the Republican nomination, and Bill Owens, the Democrat candidate, to contact me to discuss some federal issues facing the City of Oneida. Matt came to Oneida to meet me face to face, researched these issues, and came back to discuss them in detail with me. Even though I am no longer Mayor, Matt continues to show me his interest in and understanding of these issues by calling me to discuss new developments.

I never heard from Mr. Owens. Even though I wrote to him on September 22, 2009, there was no written reply. Not a phone call. Not even an email. I know the 23rd Congressional District is large, and the City of Oneida is small, but being ignored by Mr. Owens left an indelible impression.

I have had the chance to talk with Matt Doheny on many other challenges facing the 23rd Congressional District, as well as observe him in small groups, and he shows me the same commitment to the facts, the issues, listening and thinking. He knows we have to make the pie bigger, not just redistribute it.

I urge my fellow voters in the 23rd Congressional District of New York to vote for Matt Doheny in the November 2, 2010, general election because he does his homework, thinks long and hard about the difficult issues that challenge us, and is going to turn those challenges into opportunities. He is working exceptionally hard, visiting every part of a very large District, talking with people in all walks of life and impressing them with his enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment.

Yours truly,

Peter F. Hedglon

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  1. I have contacted Congressman Owens numerous times throuhg telephone, email, his website and other websites, and have received thoughtful and thought-provoking responses every time. I am impressed by his schedule of activity including visits throughout his district, including small towns to collect perspectives from his constituents and to effectively resolve issues. I was skeptical of Congressman Owens when I first researched his credentials a year or so ago, but he has earned my trust. I believe that he has positioned himself well to not just make the pie bigger, but work to redistribute the wealth of resources that we have in our district to benefit everyone. I would suggest that Mr. Hedglon check his contact information for Congressman Owens instead of airing his claim in a public forum.

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