Why Onondaga County?

To The Editor:
At a recent roundtable meeting with Congressman John Katko I asked him why the Inland Port proposed by the Port Authority of Oswego was going to Onondaga County.

I made reference to the fact that Oswego County has an unemployment rate of 6.7% the highest in the state and Onondaga County has an unemployment rate of only 4.8% with those two factors in mind why would we bypass all of Oswego County.

I also made mention of the fact that Oswego County is in the top 10 in categories no county wants to be in.

I also brought up the point about the money being spent to enhance the Port Authority and how the construction jobs are nice but are only like a 5 hour energy drink. (They feel good for a while but they end just as fast as they start). We need generational jobs here in Oswego County.

Congressman Katko gave a very political answer. It’s regional economic development we need. I agree to a point.

If a part of your region is economically depressed I would think you would look to improve that part first.

One of the Congressman’s aides talked to me and let me know that the proposed site was not a given. He asked me to present my proposal to the Congressman to review.

I am working on finding out what we have to do to make the inland port happen here in Oswego County, hopefully here just outside of Fulton.

I will not accept NO for an answer.

Frank Castiglia Jr. Oswego County Legislator 25th District


  1. Seems to me that money spent on ads for saving the Nuke plant might better be spent on trying to get the inland port to stay in Oswego county…that would almost be 2000 jobs when it is all said and done….Hey Mr. Tredwell spend the money on the inland port.

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