Wilcox and Glenister families say ‘Thank You’ for the support

The Wilcox and Glenister families, now known collectively as The MSGW
Foundation, Inc., would like to  take this opportunity to  express our heartfelt and undying appreciation to all of you in our community; our family, our friends, our neighbors, our acquaintances, all of our elected and appointed officials, our friends in radio, television and print media and, most importantly, all of our endless number of volunteers, who tirelessly worked side by side with us in organizing the first Be Aware ‘Cause  It’s Rare …Fight EEE Fundraiser and Chicken BBQ.

The fundraiser raised well over $12,000!

We would love to detail every single person here individually, but, in all honesty, there simply isn’t enough room to do so.

We are truly blessed to live in this community!

To say that the day was hugely successful, would be mildly stating what  turned out to be a fantastically overwhelming and wonderful day and the first of  what will be  many steps
needed before we will one day  be able to  announce that a human vaccine is available to protect all of those we love from the beast known as EEE.

We will continue with our efforts until that day comes.

We would also like to take a moment to send a special note of love,  appreciation  and
thanks  to the Barney, Tobin and Schauer families for sharing in this day with us; families that we have met who have  tragically become all too familiar with the  same tiny beast that  took  our Maggie, and their Ricky, Eddie and Ray.

Our  Maggie would have thrilled and danced and flitted wildly about.

She so loved the chance to attend a spectacular party and oh what a party it was!

We look forward to many, many more.

The MSGW Foundation