Woman Searching For Her Sister

OSWEGO, NY – Jody Carotenuto of Pennsylvania is looking for her sister; and she’s turned her attention toward Central New York.

“I’m looking for my sister, Amy, who was separated from my brother and I in 1971. I found out about her in 1993 when I found our birth parents. I was in total shock,” she told Oswego County Today. “According to our birth mother, she told the St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services to keep us together.”

Amy is the one on the right with the tennis logo. This was taken in her foster home with other foster children. She is about three or four years old.
Amy is the one on the right with the tennis logo. This was taken in her foster home with other foster children. She is about three or four years old.

In 1993, Carotenuto  received some information from the Family Court in Canton.

They had been placed in foster care on April 6, 1971.

“My brother and I stayed together and Amy someplace else. Our birth mother had only a sixth grade education and our birth father was a dropout, alcoholic and abusive,” Carotenuto said. “I have talked to Amy’s foster mother and she was kind enough to give me a picture of her. She thinks she may have been adopted in Southwestern NY.”

Carotenuto tried to get more information from the court this past April and was informed that she “was lucky to have what did” because today she wouldn’t be allowed to have even that.

Both of their birth parents are deceased.

“There are more than 400 Amys born on November 15, 1969. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack,” Carotenuto said.

She is no longer able to collect any more information, because the laws keep changing, she said.

Carotenuto’s brother was born Ethan Allen Metcalfe on 8-21-67.

“I was born Jody Marie Prince on 11-19-68. We were placed together in foster care and adopted together. We were all born in Massena  in St. Lawrence County,” she said. “My brother’s name is now E. Stuart Anyon and mine is Jody Louise Anyon Carotenuto. When we were adopted we moved to New Rochelle, NY.”

In 1967 the first paternity case brought into the family court for Ethan Allen Metcalfe. It was finalized on January 2, 1968. On March 6, 1969 the second paternity case was brought into the family court for Jody Marie Prince. In 1970, the third paternity case was brought into the family court for Amy Lynn Prince.

They have Amy’s birthday listed as November 15, 1969. So, this is what Carotenuto is going on.

“Amy is registered with the NY State Adoption Information Registry. She may not have updated her information. Until that happens, we can’t reunite that way,” she added.

Some of the information she has been able to obtain includes:

On January 28, 1971 Amy was hospitalized for malnutrition. She was two months old.

On April 6, 1971, they were sent to the Department of Social Services. In May 1973, a petition was filed for them to be released for adoption. In 1974, the release papers were finalized.

Ethan and Jody went to live with Mrs. Sylvia Tuttle (now Fuller) in Macomb, NY. Ethan and Jody went to live with their adopted parents on October 25, 1974, and the adoption was finalized on June 11, 1975. Amy went to live with Mrs. Rhoda Bond in Norfolk, NY. Amy went to live with her adoptive parents on September 9, 1974 and her adoption was finalized on June 16, 1975.

“Mr. Francis Lavinge (lawyer) out of Massena represented Theresa, I believe. He is now deceased. Amy’s caseworker was Mrs. Hutt. Mrs. Yeardon was the actual family caseworker for the children. Mrs. Rigler was supervisor. Mrs. Ester Katz was caseworker who worked with the parents,” Carotenuto said. “My parents also used the Adoption And Children’s Services of Westchester, Inc., at 19 Greendridge Ave. White Plains, NY 10605. They knew about my sister and didn’t say a word.”

She has been in touch with her foster mother and was told that they deliberately did not let Carotenuto or her  brother see their sister.

“They did not want us to get to know her because it ‘would be an easier transition.’ Amy’s foster mother gave me some pictures of her when she lived there. She isn’t much help but thinks she moved to Southwestern part of New York when she was adopted,” Carotenuto said.

Anyone who has information that may pertain to her or her siblings may contact Carotenuto using the comments section.