Work Begins On Kenney Middle School Roof in Hannibal

From the Hannibal Central School District

Hannibal, NY – Work will begin on the Dennis M. Kenney Middle School on August 3rdas part of the EXCEL Project approved by voters last January. The Hannibal Central School District announces that the replacement of the leaking roof portions on the older portion of the Kenney building will be completed in the next three weeks.

Beginning on Monday, August 3rd, portions of the roof at the Kenney Middle School will be replaced. The first portion of the roof to be replaced is a small section towards the north end. This section does not require any asbestos abatement and will take one week to accomplish.

The second portion of the roof is a much larger section that does require asbestos abatement. To accomplish the work before school opens, it is necessary to work a double shift for the first six days. The plan is to remove the old roof material and abate the asbestos in the first shift, which will begin at 1:00 a.m. under the use of portable stadium lights. Every effort will be taken to reduce the glare from the light and the noise of the generator to run the lights in an effort to minimize any distraction to our neighbors and the community.

The second shift will begin at 7:00 a.m. and will replace the roof in the area that was removed by the first shift. In this way the building will remain water tight throughout the construction period. Depending upon the weather, it is estimated that six days will be required to complete this larger section of the roof.

The district would like to thank the neighbors and the community for their patience as we complete the Kenney Roof Project. Please address any concerns to the District Office at 564-7900 ext. 5005.