World Class Recognition

OSWEGO, NY – 2011 gifted Oswego with some world-class weather to support the 24th Harborfest and we thank Mother Nature for our gift.

The Harborfest Committee succeeded in turning out a world-class event to be a magnet for all ages, all interests and all localities. Each successive fest presents a new set of challenges and the goal to mitigate any negative effects and build from the successes.

Grucci fireworksOur community is fortunate to have the Harborfest Committee that has untiringly worked to produce an improved Harborfest that our community can enjoy and bring the many visitors here to see what Oswego has to offer.

Additionally, it is heartfelt that the sponsors so willingly support this community.

The musical talent, children’s activities, and of course fireworks are world-class. The sponsor of Grucci fireworks thinks so. Just visit to notice that the support level options are City, State, National or World. The sponsor chose World and the community thanks you for your contribution as well as your point of view.

All of the sponsors have chosen to be part of our world-class community and hopefully will be back for the 25th.

There is one element of the festival weekend that is not necessarily Harborfest and that would be the celebrating observed of the multitude of young people in what are the college area rentals.

This is a theme that has become associated with Harborfest and in reality has no link.

And so, to the sponsors of this fringe group, the landlords, I implore you to step up to the plate and become a sponsor of Harborfest by supporting your neighbors and monitoring your properties.

Our world-class community deserves your respect.

2012 is the 25th year of our Harborfest and promises some grand surprises.

Mr. Grucci was energized to share this with the Saturday night crowd.

Please join all of our world-class supporters and become involved.

Once again, thank you to the community, the Harborfest Committee, and the world-class sponsors for your contribution.

Please visit to view all of the sponsors.

Connie Cosemento,
First Ward Councilor
August 2, 2011