Worthy Recognition

FULTON, NY – Oswego County Opportunities recognized nominees for the agency’s prestigious Amelia Whelahan Award.

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Oswego County Opportunities recognizes nominees

Established in memory of a dedicated and committed member of the OCO family that served as a member of the very first board of directors for OCO, the award is given annually to a staff member who is easily identified as a true leader and who has made outstanding contributions to OCO and the Human Services profession and has participated in volunteer leadership activities that have helped improve the quality of life in Oswego County.

Pictured from left are Executive Director of OCO Diane Cooper-Currier and nominees Lori Halstead, food services coordinator, Health and Nutrition Services; Toni Ross, homeless specialist, Youth and Family Services; and director of Youth and Family Services Eric Bresee. Absent is Lawrence Fischer, PATH program manager, Youth and Family Services.