Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling.

To the editor:

Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling.

Once again the gymnasium at G.R. Bodley in Fulton was home to another classic match between two outstanding teams representing Fulton and Mexico as they faced one another to determine the league championship.

For many years, our wrestling teams have been recognized throughout the state for their outstanding achievements. The hard work and dedication of athletes, coaches, the continued support of parents and wrestling fans have made our area the center for wrestling.

The success of Fulton’s wrestling teams has made many of the surrounding schools reach for higher levels.

This year has seen outstanding wrestling in matches with Phoenix and Mexico. The match with Phoenix was decided with the last weight class as was Wednesday night’s match with Mexico.

The gymnasium was full and the anticipation contributed to an outstanding night with parents, family members, wrestling fans, students home from college and former high school wrestlers in attendance.

Also being PeeWee night, these young wrestlers were there knowing that one day it would be their turn to be on the mats.

Bob Weston