Writer: Councilor Should Do More, Talk Less

To the Editor:

I expect my elected representatives to offer mature, well-thought out solutions to serious problems. One such problem our city is facing is the winter parking policy.

The recent press release by Councilor Bill  Barlow falls far short of a solution.

Winter in Oswego is frustrating for all of us.

Parking is a nightmare and snow removal is a constant battle for both residents and the DPW.

In response, our elected officials should work together and come up with real solutions for all.

Public denouncements are easy.

Getting things done takes real effort and thought and I find it difficult to take Councilor Barlow’s attention-seeking stunt seriously.

It is negative and thoughtless to use public sentiment to gain attention when the proper course is to take action.

First, why did Mr. Barlow take his comments to the press rather than raising the issue with his fellow councilors? It seems to me that to effect change it would serve him well to ask for a meeting of the appropriate committee and present an amending resolution directing a change in the winter parking ban policy. Councilor Barlow could bring his research on the subject to his fellow councilors for a legislative response based upon the facts. Responses to his press release have shown frustration from residents who agree with his sentiments as well as those who do not.

Second, Councilor Barlow appears to have opposed this policy before winter began. This tells me he has had plenty of time to make the effort within the council to make changes. As a councilor he is not powerless. He attends committee meetings and regular city council meetings. Has he spoken to this subject regularly and presented solutions that work for everyone?

Third, as an elected city councilman Mr. Barlow should know by now how to get things done. His statements do not reveal whether he has been actively working on this problem with his fellow council members. I can’t imagine that urging his colleagues to action in a press release is the most effective means of working with them on any issue. I wonder if this is a reflection upon his lack of communication skills and inexperience or his disrespect for process and his fellow council members?

Rather than spending his time publicly criticizing policies he could be changing, Councilor Barlow would be wise to stop passing the buck and simply let us know how he will use his position as a counselor to help the situation.

Amy M. Tresidder