Writer Supports Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman

To the editor:
I am supporting Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman for family court judge because Lou Anne helped me through the hardest family matter of my life.

For years, my son lived with his mother, moving from state to state. Every moment I spent with him required a costly court battle. His mother ignored the laws, but each time her local court started to catch on, she would move.

This cycle continued for years. I went through many lawyers with little progress.

Lou Anne reviewed the years of evidence, saw the cycle, and vowed to break it.

She did as much as she could in the Oswego courts, and she did not stop there. When my son’s mother attempted to move him again, this time from Virginia to California, Lou Anne researched Virginia law, got the court there to keep him from being moved across the country, and finally convinced the Virginia judge to award me custody of my son.

Lou Anne saw how the court system was being abused, and she refused to let my son slip through the cracks.

My son is safe, happy and in a stable environment with me because of Lou Anne’s hard work and dedication. Thank you Lou Anne for not giving up on what was right.

Lou Anne didn’t quit when the case got complicated, and she didn’t quit when I couldn’t afford to pay her right away.

She simply saw a wrong and worked with me until she could help make it right.

If Lou Anne is elected family court judge, I will lose the most dedicated lawyer I’ve ever had, but Oswego County will gain an excellent judge: one who cares about children’s safety, who is willing to put in hard work, is honest, compassionate and fair.

Joe Garcia
Oswego NY