Writers Unite for Disability Awareness Month

OSWEGO, NY – Contributing authors to the recently published book Sometimes The Wind Blows Sideways: Our Lives with a Special Needs Child gathered on Monday at the Oswego Arise office to celebrate their participation in raising awareness on special needs.

The collection of short stories within the book shares life’s trials and tribulations that children of different abilities deal with on a daily basis.

The topics of Autism, Down Syndrome, Developmental Disabilities, brain tumors, service dogs and even the loss of a child are covered in this unique compilation.

writers gather
<p>From left are: Kim Grindle, BJ Solazzo, Amy Quonce, Lisa Buske, Connie Scruton and Holly Dorval</p>

Amy Quonce, who facilitated the book, was inspired to unite families who were faced with raising children with different needs.

The response that she has received from the book has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I have had a lot of people contact me since the release of the book to thank me for bringing to light the issues that they have to deal with. Society don’t always understand why somebody is the way that they are, but after they have read some of the stories in this book they have a better understanding of why that person is different and they accept them more,” she explained. “I have been told that this book gives strength to these families, as well as offers hopes and support for people who thought that they were alone in their situation. One story will make you laugh while the next one you find yourself seeking out a box of tissues. It was created to show the world that while our children may have more hurdles in life, they still have hopes and dreams just like everyone else.”

The ‘meet and greet’ sessions with these authors came just in time to kick off Developmental Disability Awareness Month.

Sabine Ingerson, director at Arise, offered to host the evening.

Arise’s mission is to work with people of all abilities to create a fair and just community in which everyone can fully participate.

“We embrace the guiding principles of independent living – that individuals with disabilities have a right to dignity, personal responsibility, and self-determination,” Ingerson said. “Arise offers advocacy and support services to people of all ages with all types of disabilities.”

The book can be purchased at river’s end bookstore in Oswego, while both the paperback and Kindle version is available at Amazon.Com