Wrong Again

To The Editor:

Frank Castiglia, there you go again.

Recently you saw fit to publish another letter to the editor, where you discussed the sales tax arrangement that the city of Fulton has with Oswego County. For unknown reasons, you reference some documents that I had that show some graphics to perhaps otherwise hypnotic numbers, and you mention that I did not provide to you “so everyone is on equal ground and they may refer to it as well.”

These numbers were provided to you as a legislator, all I did was add some color.

These particular numbers are from a report given to all legislators, and I do appreciate where you give me credit for “I want to thank him for doing the math for me,” but I think it best if you actually read the material and handouts given to ALL legislators.

You also reference “what Legislator Weatherup doesn’t know, (maybe he does)”. I would add that when I don’t know, I ask. For again unknown reasons, when you don’t know, you pick up the pen.

As far as FOIL, another nice political trick to make it sound like the information is hard to get. All I had to do is read the information given to ALL legislators.

Frank, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

Jim Weatherup
Legislator, District 9

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  1. If that were in fact all the facts why did Chairman Gardner have to get the copy in front of him from the pile in front of you. It may be from a report that was a year end report from either the treasure or the administrator which was handed out several months ago. Also if these are all the facts why at the time I asked where my was. Why didn’t you say it was in a report that I should have looked at. The reason is the fact that you again had to have help from some if not all of the rest of your caucus to help you get an answer. Again if you are going to reference any material you have in front of you it is proper business manors to make sure everyone has a copy in front of them because they may not have brought their reports with them. And at that time say where you gained the information and what report it came from. I’m not saying that the report was wrong I’m saying your business sense is greatly lacking.

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