Y-Body Cardio/Cuts Offered at Fulton Family YMCA

FULTON – The Fulton Family YMCA welcomes Jennifer Parish who comes to the Fulton Family YMCA as one of our newest certified fitness instructors. Jennifer brings with her 10 years of training and experience and offers a lot of energy to our members and non-members.

Jennifer has taught pilates, yoga and a body cuts class. We are thrilled to have Jennifer with us and look forward to her starting, says Kim McPherson, spokes person for the Fulton YMCA.

Jennifer will begin teaching a “Y Body Cardio Class” class on Thursday evenings from 4:00p pm until 5:00 pm. This group fitness class brings a resistance training program which participants will find challenging and routines simple! Participants will utilize hand held weights in class and will also incorporate movements that are simple to insure the safety and effectiveness, as well as allowing all participants to successfully complete the class. This motivating class will target all or most major muscle groups.

Please contact the Fulton Family YMCA at 598-9622 for a complete class schedule or for membership information. We trust you will like the classes being offered and look forward to seeing you at the FULTON FAMILY YMCA soon!

The Fulton Family YMCA is an agency of the united way.