Yarelis Jimenez, 29

FULTON, NY – Yarelis Jimenez, 29, of Oswego died Monday June 27, 2016, in Oswego Hospital.

Yarelis Jimenez
Yarelis Jimenez

She was born in Lares, PR, the daughter of Wilfredo Jimenez and the late Primitiva Rivera.

Yarelis was a former employee of St. Luke Health Services in the housekeeping department.

She is survived by her children, Nashalis, Kelwin, Dairo and Angelin Reyes; her father, Wilfredo Jimenez; her siblings, Hermes (Ashley) Jimenez of Fulton, Wilfred Jimenez Reyes, Adam Jimenez Reyes, Thais Marie Jimenez Reyes, Johanni Jimenez Reyes and Zuleka Jimenez; and several aunt, uncles and cousins.

Funeral services will be Friday at 10:30 a.m. in the Sugar Funeral Home, Fulton.

Burial will be in Mount Adnah Cemetery.

Calling hours will be Friday 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. prior to the services at the funeral home, 224 W. Second. St. S., Fulton.


  1. My mother was an amazing woman, I love her so much, and it’s not easy for a kid who is 13 to lose her mom, or my little sister who is just 10, but my mom have so much love I had more love and got taught more than the average child, I wish she was still here to tell me her stories of when she was a kid, she is so Gogeous that sometimes it was hard for some kids to believe she was my mom, but we resemble, she looks like she could be sister, but I just hope I get to see her soon, things are never gonna be the same, having my loving mother would be better than having any relative as my new guardian? I love my mom and I know she is in the best place possible, she made it, as I’m happy for her I’m sad I have to say goodbye, it’s not exactly easy, life will never make sense to me anymore nor will I ever make it without her, her stories are what helped me know what and how to do things in the new teen life I’m living, but she only lived through one day of my teen life and yet she couldn’t talk to me while being in a coma? I love you mom

    ~Love Your little Girl, Angie??

  2. RIP Yarelis.. I didn’t really know you but i do know some of your relatives..Mike, Josh, Benji, your brother Hermes. You are a beautiful woman. I can only imagine how you were as a person by what your daughter wrote ^^ it sounds like you were an amazing mother and I hope God gives your family,especially your children, the strength to deal with such a loss. Descansa en Paz!<3

  3. May god help your family thru this tragedy. RIP. The good die young.
    :-( you were such an amazing person always so happy every time I saw you, even thru your battle. It makes me sad to see how this happen to you and the kids left behind.

  4. Angelin Reyes, I know with your mom bng gone may seem like the end and life will not m any sense to you anymore. I can not imagine the pain or hurt you are going through, but remember this, you mom raised a fine young woman and that is you. You and your sister are forever her shinning stars. It will never be good bye sweetheart, it’s see you next time. I hope that with all the love and support you will get from your family will help you get through this. Talk to them, they may even have lots of memories they can share when your mom was a kid. Always remember, your mom will forever be in your heart.

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