You Can Adopt ‘Sunshine’, a Cat Who Believes in Real Butter

Submitted by the Oswego County Humane Society

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Sunshine is friendly, talkative, loves real butter and is available for adoption.

Sunshine had been having babies and competing for food in a crowded household her entire young life before she was rescued. Now she is small but elegant, with long silky fur, cute little fur tufts on her toes, and a spectacular tail. She maybe has some Maine Coon, maybe some Turkish Angora, maybe both or neither. What is important is that she is just now beginning to get over the feeling of being famished all the time. She is friendly, talks to you, and loves attention and cat toys. She ignores dogs and accepts other cats after she gets used to them. She would make a pretty and fun addition to any home.

Sunshine is up to date with her shots, will be spayed soon and is ready for a new home. And for the month of June, her usual $50 adoption fee is waived. In fact, the Oswego County Humane Society has waived adoption fees on all its adult cats for the whole month. Potential adopters will still go through the usual adoption screening process, but no fee will be charged. To find out more call the Humane Society at 315-207-1070 or go online at

Jo Piersma, her foster mom, has this warning though, “Sunshine’s favorite snack is real butter. She can open up a butter dish on her own, so you have to hide your butter dish somewhere. We tried to get her a job with the Dairy Council, but she would rather have a real home with lots and lots of cat food.”