Young Student Shares Love of Music and History at Bishop’s Commons

OSWEGO – One would think the typical eight-year-old would have a set of drums at home or maybe a horn.

Pictured: resident Catherine Deming with Ethan Browne.
Pictured: resident Catherine Deming with Ethan Browne.

While most kids these days are playing their computer downloaded music through their electronic devises, this isn’t the case for Trinity Catholic student Ethan Browne who recently visited the residents at Bishop’s Commons.

Residents had no idea what treat they were in for when Ethan came to their parlor area on his day off of school to share his talents and interests in history, music, and nostalgia.

“He’s an old soul,” Ethan’s mother, Tammy, noted after she backed in her van and helped her son unload many items that residents hadn’t seen in years.

An Edison phonograph, a victrola, a library of classical music from early 1900s, and a rolling harmonica, that he played with ease, were all set up on display.

While Ethan shared information about each item, he wound up the victrola and also shared some of his favorite classical tunes starting with Winchester Cathedral.

He played the rolling harmonica (also known as the mouth organ) and spoke on the microphone about all of his interests in music, history, and antiques.

By the end of the afternoon, Ethan earned the name of ‘young historian’ from the residents who were astounded by his knowledge of so many items that were years before his time.

When one resident asked, “Where on earth did you get all of these items?”  Ethan promptly replied, “Just about everything came from Santa.”