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Below, you’ll find the latest letters from folks endorsing candidates for election this November.  You can send us your endorsement at [email protected], or put your endorsement in the comments section, below.

Please, please, please keep it positive.  Tell us what you like about a candidate and why you want to vote for that person.

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Editor’s Note:

County Legislator Doug Malone sent his letter as a graphic, which is shown below. Click on it to see it in full:


To the Residents of the 4th Ward:

It has been an honor to serve as your Alderman these few short months. Our Mayor has assigned me to the Public Works, Audit and Finance, Legislative/Codes and the Negotiations Committees. I am also a full time voting member of the Community Development Agency. These committee assignments have enhanced my knowledge of the inner workings of our city government, and I look forward to always finding more efficient and effective ways to maintain services and hold down property taxes.

These few short months have been busy with the collapse of the DPW building early this year and the negotiations of the city’s three labor contracts. There has been a tremendous amount of infrastructure improvement in the city this year, and much more is planned for next year including many sidewalks in our ward.

I have barely had time to get my feet wet as your Alderman but would ask if you could support me for re-election on November 4th so I can at least get a chance to prove myself with 1 full term. I will be publishing my telephone number in the new phone book and you should be receiving a postcard with my contact information included. Thank You to all those I have been able to meet and work with over the past few months.

Please feel free to contact me @ 598-1107 or Email [email protected]

Dana V. Smith
4th Ward Alderman
421 South Sixth Street
Fulton, NY 13069


Dear Editor,

A unique opportunity faces us Election Day. In over 155 years our Congressional District has not elected a Democrat to Congress. The choice this year is clearer than it has ever been. We must elect Mike Oot a Democrat to Congress instead of Republican John McHugh.

John McHugh is a good person whom I’ve known for over twenty years, but he has voted 90% of the time to support President Bush and look what that has gotten us. John McHugh supported Bush’s idea to partially privatize Social Security and that would have put our money at risk on Wall Street, where it seems only the rich have gotten richer. How do those of you receiving Social Security and those of you who will receive it think your social security funds would have fared on Wall Street with its collapse if Congressman McHugh had had his way? You would all be in very serious financial trouble even worse than you already are.

Congressman McHugh, not unlike John McCain, thinks that our Health Care System is working in America and should not be changed. Do you agree with McHugh and McCain that it is working? Or do you feel like I do that it is not and that way too many of us especially here in the North Country aren’t getting the medical attention we need? If we can spend over $ 100 billion dollars a year in Iraq as both John McCain and John McHugh want don’t you think that that money could be better spent towards improving our Health Care System? Again, if you agree with me that it would be better spent to improve our Health Care System and to help restore our way of life then you should be voting to elect Democrat Mike Oot as our Congressman.

Finally I don’t agree with Congressman McHugh on his vote to bailout Wall Street by our Country simply printing an additional $ 700 billion dollars for that purpose. Congressman McHugh gives us all the standard “Whitehouse” response in that it was done to help us here on Main Street, USA. Has it helped? One reason he gives is that it will allow parents to borrow for their children’s college since credit will not be as tight. Well, couldn’t our Government simply have made available the $ 8 to $ 10 billion dollars needed for college loans and loaned the money out itself? I think they could have and hopefully so do you. Ask yourself if you are better off today than you were 8 years ago before President Bush and his staunch supporter Congressman McHugh had their way in Washington and on Wall Street? If you are like me and a vast majority of others that I know you certainly are not! Therefore if you are not better off today than you were 8 years ago then you have only one viable option this Election Day and that is to elect Mike Oot to Congress. Together we can restore our Country to its previous greatness and at the same time make our lives better in the process. Let’s give a hoot and vote for Oot, Mike Oot that is. Vote Row A all the way!

Dean D. Lefebvre
Tupper Lake, NY


Letter to the Editor:

My brother, Mike Oot is running in the 23rd congressional race. I live and work in the district adjacent to yours (the 25th). I write this to present a side to my brother that your voters may not see on the campaign trail as Mike travels throughout the district. He has dedicated over 30 years as an attorney for the working class of Upstate NY. Mike genuinely cares about the people of this area and is running with the absolute conviction that he can help improve the lives of those that live in his district.

I write this not only as a sister who strongly believes in the motivations of her brother but more importantly as a deeply concerned citizen for the direction of this country that we all love so much. I strongly urge your readers to exercise their right to vote on November 4th and I encourage them to vote for a man who will be a formidable advocate for Upstate NY – Mike Oot.

We have all witnessed the devastating consequences of the failed foreign and domestic policies of the current administration. It may take decades to undo the damage that has been done. It is time we took this country back and it begins with our vote on November 4th.

Mary L Oot


To the Editor:

On October 17th, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said on national television that she was very concerned that Senator Barak Obama and other Democrats “may have anti-American views.” She went on to suggest that the news media “should take a look at the views of people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America?”

At a time America faces an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions, who could possibly support Rep. Bachmann’s small-minded and divisive call for a witch-hunt against members of the Democratic party? Congressman John M. McHugh (NY-23rd District) for one.

Mr. McHugh regards Bachmann so highly that he has made a maximum financial contribution to her re-election campaign. McHugh says that he looks at each campaign individually, and donates to those whom he “really likes” and that share his beliefs.

It is time for a change. We in the 23rd District need a thoughtful and rational representative in Congress like attorney Mike Oot, who wants to see lawbreakers punished and predatory lenders put out of business. It is time to pension off old-fashioned ideologues like Michele Bachmann and John M. McHugh.

Bachmann’s comments prompted former Minnesota Republican Governor Arne Carlson to announce yesterday that he is supporting Obama, whom he says offers the best hope for dealing with the economic crisis. Republican voters here in the 23rd District should think about following Governor Carlson’s lead.

Robert Mann
Oneida, NY


Mary Flett for Oswego County Legislator, 17th District

Submitted article

Mary Flett is a lifelong resident of the City of Oswego, and is proud to enter the race for the County Legislator for the 17th District. Flett has been endorsed by both the Republican Party and the Conservative Party. On September 9, 2008, Flett won the Primary for the Republican Party line and is on the ballot for the November 4th election.

Flett decided to run to become County Legislator after much thought, and with the belief that Oswego County can do better for its residents.  She feels she is the best person for this district, and will bring her high energy persona and extensive life experience to this job. Flett has always performed her job responsibilities with integrity and professionalism, and if elected, will perform the responsibilities of County Legislator with the same professionalism in both private and in public forums.

Flett served on the Oswego City Council from 1994 to 1997. In the four years she served as City Councilman, she worked on the Fitzgibbons property and helped to bring about the long awaited demolition of that building. Flett was also instrumental in the creation of the City Youth Center. Flett saw the need for a center where Oswego’s youth could go where they would be safe and be able to enjoy extracurricular activities. Flett, along with many local union members, businesses and volunteers made this happen by donating their time and equipment, and Flett was extremely proud to be a part of this community service project.

In the fall of 2007, Flett was appointed to fill the position of County Legislator due to the death of her brother, long time Oswego County Legislator Len Ponzi. Mary’s close relationship with her brother afforded her the opportunity to learn at his side the inner workings of the Oswego County Legislature. At the time of his last campaign, Len’s health did not allow him to campaign as actively as he wanted, and Mary took on that role both as campaign manager and spokesperson. It was a easy transition for Flett to serve in her brother’s seat, and she has enjoyed this past year proudly serving the residents of the 17th district.

During her first term on the Legislature, Flett had as her goal a zero percent tax increase, and is proud to announce there will be no increase in County property taxes for 2009.  While serving on the legislature, Flett also supported uncapping the gas tax, which will bring in increased revenue to Oswego County. Also during her term, Flett has worked on the County’s acquisition of the Fire School, and is proud to announce its expansion, opening it up for Law Enforcement Agencies along with fire departments, which will bring in additional revenue for the County.

Job creation is always a concern throughout the residents of Oswego County, and Flett’s goal if elected would be to encourage industries and small businesses to relocate in our county as jobs cannot be created without economic development. Flett feels the state needs to reduce taxes so that businesses want to locate here. While no politician can create jobs, Flett believes Government can make it easier to attract and keep high paying jobs here in Oswego County.  Mary has a “can do” attitude when it comes to helping businesses and residents of our county.

Throughout her life, Flett has been involved with many functions and benefits, as well as many activities throughout the community she loves, and is always able to lend a hand when needed. Flett enjoys serving the residents of Oswego County, and looks forward to continuing this as County Legislator.

Flett is employed with the City of Oswego as a custodian. She has resided at 6 East Seventh Street for 39 years, and if re-elected, will continue to perform all duties and commitments made to the residents of Oswego County with honesty and integrity.


Letter to the Editor,

Judge David Murad should be elected Supreme Court Judge because he is the most qualified candidate. He has skillfully carried out his duties as Acting Supreme Court Judge, Surrogate Court Judge, Acting County Court Judge and Acting Family Court Judge for the past several years. He is always fair in his decisions, courteous to all parties and demonstrates daily what an ethical, honest and compassionate judge should be. Day in and day out he uses his experience and understanding to resolve difficult and challenging cases. We are fortunate to have such a judge on the bench and should elect him to be our Supreme Court Judge this November.

Donald R. Gerace, Esq.
Utica, New York and Inlet, New York

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in support of Mike Oot for Congressman.  I have met Mr. Oot on several occasions and have been impressed with his careful thought and hard work.  He has spent most of his professional life as a worker’s compensation and social security disability lawyer.  He brings a keen awareness of the medical system in this country and he speaks from experience.  He brings fresh eyes to look at a situation that has been talked about for too many years with little being done to solve the problems.

If my memory is correct, Mr. Oot has served on his local school board and on his own town board.  He is a person who understands the needs of our small communities.

The 23 District is the largest geographical district in NY State covering 11 counties in upstate New York.  Mr. Oot has been on the road criss-crossing the area to get his message out and to let the folks of New York know what he plans to do for them.  I think it’s time for a change and since change begins with me, I’ll be voting for Mike Oot and I urge your readers to give him a good look over and I think they will want to do the same.

Rita Hooper
Hannibal, NY


Dear Editor,

On Nov.4th we will pick the next Senator for the 48th Senate District. This is most likely one of the most important elections Oswego County and upstate New York has had in a very long time.

There are many important issues that threaten many rights and benefits we cherish in upstate New York that are at stake. Space will not allow me to cover all of them. But I would like to talk about a few.

The unfunded mandates from Albany not only have to stop, they have to be decreased. Oswego County pays tens of millions of dollars now to support these unfunded mandates and it shows in our property taxes. Decisions being made in Albany and the bill being sent to Oswego county and other counties must stop.

New York state must stop trying to balance their budget by passing costs down to the counties. Albany has begun to lower their bill for many programs and passing the burden of those costs to the counties. This practice of cost shifting must be stopped.

These practices couple with a number of items, including just plain waste have created the  over burdening property taxes we are experiencing now.

We need real change in Albany, we need someone who will stand up for the people in the 48th Senate district. Dave Renzi has openly stood up for increased school aid, the end of cost shifting, a real reduction in property taxes and putting an end to the flood of unfunded mandates from Albany.

If we want real change and if we someone who will fight the system that is causing our out of control property taxes, then we must vote for Dave Renzi on Nov. 4th.

Fred Beardsley

Oswego County Legislator District 9 Hastings


Dear Editor:

I have had the privilege and honor to have cases against Judge Murad while he was an attorney, and have appeared before him when he presided over some of my cases.

Judge Murad possesses the professionalism, integrity, competency and sense of what is truly just.

Without reservation, Judge Murad will be a fantastic Supreme Court Justice.

Very truly yours,
Ricardo J. Mauro, Esq.


Letter to the Editor:

There are many political races this season and they are all very important.  I believe that one of the most important of all of the competitions is who will be representing the interests of our region in Washington.  Do career politicians truly represent our interests? Have they ever? Look where we are today – two endless wars; too many lives lost; an economic roller coaster; bail out after bail out and endless governmental waste.

I do offer my thanks to John McHugh (R), Pierpont Manor, but it is time for something new.  He supports financing the mismanaged war in Iraq, yet was “surprised” by the deplorable conditions of soldier care at Walter Reed Hospital. The campaign money he has taken over the years from Wall Street has not helped us. His consistent votes to de-regulate Wall Street have not helped us.  We must remember that he and the financial wizards of this administration wanted to privatize Social Security too!  And yes, his support for the Bush Administration more than 90% of the time has not helped us either.  Thank you Congressman, but after 16 years, we, and our bank accounts, need something new.

Help is on the way and it comes in the person of Mike Oot.  He lives in Madison County, is a successful business owner in Syracuse, and has represented the interests of the disabled, ill and injured throughout most of the 11 counties which make up our 23rd Congressional District.  He cares about you as an individual, he listens to you as an individual, and he sees our region as a place demanding a positive future.  He is a lawyer, fighting for more than 30 years for his local clients to keep food on their table, medicine in their cabinets, and money in their pockets.  He believes in the letter of the law and the immediate necessity of an investigation of AIG and the bailed out banks. Those responsible for the present financial mess must be prosecuted criminally.  He is a leader on the educational front serving the needs of our children as a former representative to the New York State School Board Association.  More than 95% of the financial contributors to Oot for Congress come from people living and working in Central, New York.  No PAC money!  No fluff money from Wall Street!  The support for Mike Oot comes from those he is elected to serve, you and me.

Look at where we presently are, and compare that to where we really need to be now, and in the future.  Our world and our region have changed a lot since 1992.  It is time for new leadership, accessible leadership, successful leadership.  It is time for Mike Oot.

Vote November 4.

Christopher Richmond, Esq.
Oswego, New York


Letter to the Editor,

I am writing this letter to express my very strong support for Judge David Murad, and to also urge your readers to support Dave for the position of New York State Supreme Court Judge for the 5th Judicial District. Judge Murad is currently serving as both an Acting Supreme Court Judge as well as a Surrogate’s Court Judge.

Judge Murad’s qualifications, experience, work ethic and integrity make him an easy choice in this race.  He is, in fact, the only candidate for this office who has judicial experience and is also  the only candidate who is a  certified public accountant. Judge Murad has twenty one years of experience and is well qualified to handle the many issues coming before the New York State Supreme Court,  which include complex cases such as commercial litigation, medical malpractice, divorce proceedings, foreclosure actions and property disputes, to name a few.

Please join with me in casting an enthusiastic vote for Judge Dave Murad on November 4th.

John F. Romano
The Fountainhead Group, Inc.


The election of judges and the power of the judiciary has a far greater impact on individual citizens than either the Executive or the Legislative departments.  There is more interaction between judges and citizens of the State and judges have a greater impact directly upon their well being than either of the two other branches of government.  Nevertheless, it appears citizens have little knowledge of the judicial candidates and their qualifications.

I write on behalf of Judge Dave Murad, who is running for the Supreme Court seat in the Fifth Judicial District which includes Onondaga and Oneida Counties.  I have known the Murad family for many years.  Dave Murad’s father, John Murad, is a retired Supreme Court Justice and was a great judge.  Dave’s brother, John, is a partner in the Hancock & Estabrook law firm and is a real trial lawyer.  Judge Dave Murad was a partner in a well-known and excellent trial firm in Utica before being elected as Surrogate Court Judge of Oneida County.

Judge Dave Murad, along with his Surrogate Court duties, has been selected as an Acting Supreme Court Justice and has a full calendar of Supreme Court cases.  In short, he has experience and a proven track record of judicial excellence.

Unfortunately, his opponent, Tom Cerio, has, in reality, very little Supreme Court experience.  Accordingly, I write to urge the election of Judge Dave Murad, whom I believe will be a champion of the rights of all parties.  I urge that the citizens vote for Dave Murad for Supreme Court Justice on Tuesday, November 4th.

Robert E. Lahm
Past President of NYS Academy of Trial Lawyers
Past President of NYS Trial Lawyers Association
Past President of Upstate Trial Attorneys Association
Robert E. Lahm PLLC
Syracuse NY


I am writing with regard to the pending election for New York State Supreme Court Justice.   I have known Judge David A. Murad for many years and I can personally attest to his integrity, honesty and qualifications to serve as Supreme Court Judge.   In particular, I have appeared before him as a practicing attorney many times in his present capacity as Acting Supreme Court Judge after he was appointed to that position.

A large part of a Supreme Court Judge’s case load involves divorce proceedings.   I have been representing individuals in divorce cases for thirty years.   In each case I have had with Judge Murad, he has shown an understanding of not only the legal principles involved but also a keen awareness of the impact of his decisions on the individuals involved.    He has worked very hard to help people resolve their differences by negotiating settlements to avoid the time, expense and emotional turmoil which results from divorce trials.   Given his background as an accountant and practicing lawyer for many years, he has helped the parties and attorneys involved to find reasonable solutions on difficult issues.   He gets actively involved and takes a “hands-on” approach to working with the parties and their attorneys to help them resolve their problems.  However, when a solution cannot be worked out, he does an excellent job as a trial Judge allowing people to have their day in Court and making fair rulings and wise decisions.

Judge Murad has received the highest rating by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission and all the County Bar Associations which have rated him.

I strongly urge your readers to vote for Judge Murad for Supreme Court on Election Day.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas L. Atkinson, Attorney
Getnick Livingston Atkinson Gigliotti & Priore, LLP
Utica, New York


Times up McHugh!

Dear Letter to the Editor:

John McHugh is “banking” on being reelected.  He has already taken $368,000 from special interests this election.  He will likely continue to protect their interests not ours.  McHugh has dropped the ball for us in the 23rd Congressional district.  This time around, we need representation that will best serve us, not our representative’s wallet.  When you cast your vote on November 4th, vote for the sweeping change needed to turn our country around, vote for Mike Oot for 23rd Congressional district.  Do not consider another four years of the same – McHugh voted with the Bush Administration 90% of the time.  Yes, McHugh helped get us where we are today and no, we can not afford to stay here!

Mike Oot will represent all eleven counties and their residents in the 23rd district not just the chosen few.  While McHugh’s campaign accepted half of the money raised from outside New York, 95% of Mike’s contributions came from individuals inside New York because we want and need change!  McHugh and his corporate sponsors are trying to ensure “business as usual” by keeping McHugh in their back pocket.  Send a message and vote for Mike Oot to represent us, not the special interests.  It is no longer “business as usual.”  Times up McHugh!

Rita M. Kenyon
Munnsville, New York


Dear Editor:

On Tuesday – November 4, 2008 – General Election Day – there will be an amendment to Article 5, Section 6 of the Constitution of New York State in relation to additional civil service credit for members of the Armed Forces of the United States.

The proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement that Veterans who were disabled in the actual performance of duty in any war be receiving disability payments from the United States Veterans Administration in order to qualify for additional points on a civil service examination for appointment or promotion.  Under the proposed amendment, the disability must only be certified to exist by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

The proposed amendment would also update “United States Veterans Administration” to “United States Department of Veterans Affairs” to reflect current federal government structure.

The American Legion, Department of New York strongly supports this amendment and urges the voters of New York State to vote YES on this much needed benefit for our Veterans.

Richard M. Pedro
New York State Adjutant (CEO)
The American Legion
Department of New York
Albany, NY 12207


Letter to the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Mike Oot who is running for Congress.

I do so because he is the right person for the job.

Mike will work hard to change the economic policies that have plagued our country over these past several years; policies that have advanced the cause of corporate profit at the expense of Americans; policies that have led to high unemployment in our region; policies that have been supported by Congressman McHugh.

Mike will work hard to stop the flight of major corporations out of our region.  Instead, Mike will work to attract and assist the establishment of new industry in the district by aggressively marketing the area; and work towards establishing grants, funding and other incentives to do so. Mike will work to eliminate the financial incentives that have encouraged companies to send American jobs overseas.

Today’s economic crisis has made all of us vulnerable to financial trouble.  Americans are earning little or no interest on their savings and are being subjected to predatory lending practices of banks.  Mike will work hard to reinstate a reasonable usury cap on lending; a formula that would permit and encourage appropriate lending practices to safe guard consumers.

Healthcare is in crisis.  Many Americans are either uninsured, under insured, paying exorbitant fees to secure insurance or relying on spotty government programs like Medicaid to cover their medical expenses, yet our Nation spends more per capita on healthcare then any other nation.  This needs to change.  Mike will work towards making our healthcare system more efficient beginning with looking into controlling our present system’s overhead costs which credible numbers seems to show is 26% over what it needs to be.

Our congressional district is huge, the largest east of the Mississippi.  We need a congressman that will represent the whole district, one that will be available to address all of the region’s needs.  Mike Oot is that person.  He has been out there working hard to win this election. He has been listening to us and will use what he has heard to represent us well in Congress.  Elect Mike Oot, congressman for the 23rd District.

Leo Matzke
Oneida, NY


Attention: Editor

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to you to urge your readers on Election Day to support Judge David A. Murad for the position of New York State Supreme Court Judge for the Fifth Judicial District, which includes Onondaga County. The seat will be located in Utica, New York where currently Judge Murad serves as Surrogate Court Judge and Acting Supreme Court Judge.

Judge Murad’s experience includes a wide variety of Supreme and Surrogate Court matters. Judge Murad is also a Certified Public Accountant. The New York State Supreme Court is the Trial Court of general jurisdiction in New York and handles a wide array of matters from complex commercial litigation, personal injury cases, medical malpractice, divorce proceedings, foreclosure actions and property disputes. Judge Murad has twenty-one years of legal and judicial experience.

I have appeared before Judge Murad on numerous matters and found him to be even-tempered, even-handed, prompt and efficient in his rulings and considerate of both the lawyers and the litigants who appear in front of him. I would urge everyone to vote for the position of New York State Supreme Court Judge and to support Judge Murad.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
Marc Jonas, Esq.


Most people believe that if someone makes repeated bad decisions and mistakes, they should be held accountable. If the errors are work related, and severe enough, their job could be on the line, and, properly, should be. Lets remember this when we cast our votes November 4th.

Our congressman, John McHugh has been a congressional henchman for 7 1/2 years to the worst president in our history, George W Bush. Their reckless governance brought us the terrible, and terribly costly disasters we are in, in Iraq and Afghanistan, on Wall Street and on Main Streets.

They shamed us all, and violated American and international laws by allowing, and supporting torture. They and theirs, violated our precious constitutional rights of privacy by recording our phones calls and reading our emails, then granting the phone and internet companies that did it retro-active immunity from prosecution.

Bush, Cheney, McHugh, McCain and the Republican Party are, largely to thank for our $10,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion) national debt. McHugh and Bush never met a tax cut for the super rich they didn’t like.

Now our “compassionate conservatives” are spending our money bailing out those big campaign donating, fat cat bankers, Wall Street swindlers and greedy speculators. If that was a divorce, they got the gold mine, and we got the shaft. Thankfully, thankfully, somehow, they failed to privatize (Wall Street-a-size) Social Security. Just imagine?

Poor decisions, lies, and misjudgments in Washington by those we elect, who swear to support the constitution, and work in our best interests, are, disgustingly, business as usual. Barring any outburst of honor and dignity, (a timely McHugh resignation), November 4th, it will be on us to hold them accountable. Lets elect an advocate for peace, justice and regular Americans, Democrat Mike Oot. Visit Take to the streets and vote!

Bill Provost
North Country
Democracy For America
Plattsburgh NY 12901


Dear Editor:
This year, what do Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative and Working Family Party voters have in common?  They all have the opportunity to vote for Judge David A. Murad for State Supreme Court.  He is uniquely qualified by traning and experience to be our next State Supreme Court Justice.  He is presently Acting Supreme Court Justice, the Surrogate, and has presided in Family Court and in County Court.

Judge Murad’s opponent has no such judicial experience.  Judge Murad has earned the respect of the Bench and Bar and is respectful of all those who appear before him.

Choose a judge to so a judge’s job.

Donna Dye
Utica, New York


Dear Editor,

America is suffering. (1) The economy is in the toilet, and people’s savings are being flushed down. (2) Ill advised and mismanaged wars are contributing to our economic woes, not to mention unduly stressing our military, and tarnishing our international reputation. All the while, (3) the constitution is being shredded: Eavesdropping on American soldiers calling home from Iraq, arresting journalists, water boarding, extraordinary rendition, secret prisons, mass arrests, indefinite secret detention, the denial of the right to habeas corpus, secret extraconstitutional “Continuity of Government” plans.

Who is responsible for the resulting economic and moral suffering? There is plenty of blame to go around. But there can be little doubt that the bulk of the responsibility lies with the Bush administration and its supporters and willing enablers like our “representative” in congress, John McHugh.

Here is the good news: At a town hall meeting the other night, I had the privilege of meeting Mike Oot, who is running to unseat McHugh.

Wow! I was impressed. Mike Oot is the real deal. He gets it. He knows that we need to support true democracy at home if we are to successfully promote it abroad. He knows that people are suffering and worried about their financial future, and that the Republicans in congress are more interested in bailing out their Wall Street friends than in securing a viable future for middle class and working class Americans. He understands that fairness and balance needs to be restored in America. And, he has the heart, the drive, and the skills to fight effectively for the changes that our country so desperately needs.

Finally we have chance to have a representative that we can actually be proud of.

Kurtis Hagen


Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Judge David A. Murad who is running for the position of Supreme Court Justice. Most people do not have an opportunity to see a Judge in action although our judges are at the center of the entire judicial process. As a result, it is critical that we elect the right individuals to these positions.

As an attorney I have had the opportunity to know David A. Murad when he was in private practice. I have also had the pleasure of appearing before him in his capacity as Surrogate Court Judge and Family Court Judge. On each occasion I have been impressed with his professionalism, his courtesies to all parties involved and most importantly, his ability to fairly assess the facts and appropriately dispense justice in each case.

Judge David A. Murad has the experience and integrity that is needed for a Supreme Court Justice. He was a private attorney for 18 years, he is a Certified Public Accountant and along with his position as Surrogate Court Judge he has functioned as Acting Family Court Judge as well as Acting Supreme Court Justice. With this broad range of experience and his proven character it is clear that he is a person who can be entrusted with the power that such a position holds.

Therefore, I strongly encourage my fellow citizens to vote for Judge David A. Murad on election day – he is truly the right person for the job.

Todd D. Bennett, Esq.
Herkimer, New York


To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to express my support for Judge David A. Murad in his race for Supreme Court Justice of the Six County Fifth Judicial District.  As a practicing attorney, I have developed a strong admiration for Judge Murad, as I have appeared in front of him on numerous occasions in Surrogate Court, Family Court and Supreme Court.

Judge Murad is Oneida County’s Surrogate Court Judge.  In addition to his Surrogate Court case load, Judge Murad has handled cases in Family, County and Supreme Court. In Supreme Court he currently handles 70% of Oneida County’s divorce cases, as well as a number of foreclosures, torts, contract actions, and other civil cases.  His commitment to the law and the justice system is unsurpassed.

I urge voters to vote for vote Judge Murad for Supreme Court.   He has proven his experience and his aptitude, and I believe that he is a tremendous asset for Oneida County.

Kristen T. Shaheen, Esq.
New Hartford, New York 13413


I am writing with regard to the pending election for New York State Supreme Court Justice.   I have known Judge David A. Murad for many years and I can personally attest to his integrity, honesty and qualifications to serve as Supreme Court Judge.   In particular, I have appeared before him as a practicing attorney many times in his present capacity as Acting Supreme Court Judge after he was appointed to that position.

A large part of a Supreme Court Judge’s case load involves divorce proceedings.   I have been representing individuals in divorce cases for thirty years.   In each case I have had with Judge Murad, he has shown an understanding of not only the legal principles involved but also a keen awareness of the impact of his decisions on the individuals involved.    He has worked very hard to help people resolve their differences by negotiating settlements to avoid the time, expense and emotional turmoil which results from divorce trials.   Given his background as an accountant and practicing lawyer for many years, he has helped the parties and attorneys involved to find reasonable solutions on difficult issues.   He gets actively involved and takes a “hands-on” approach to working with the parties and their attorneys to help them resolve their problems.  However, when a solution cannot be worked out, he does an excellent job as a trial Judge allowing people to have their day in Court and making fair rulings and wise decisions.

Judge Murad has received the highest rating by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission and all the County Bar Associations which have rated him.

I strongly urge your readers to vote for Judge Murad for Supreme Court on Election Day.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas L. Atkinson


Dear Editor,

I write on behalf of Acting Supreme Court Justice, David Murad, who is also a Surrogate Judge and has presided in family court and county court.

I know him to be a prudent and just man who has the judicial temperament and wisdom to be our next Supreme Court Justice. He has earned the respect of the bench and bar. He is respectful of all who appear in front of him. Judge Murad has an impeccable record as a Trial Judge. He has never been reversed.

His opponent has no judicial experience whatsoever.

I believe Judge Murad has earned the Supreme Court Seat. Join me in voting for Judge Murad to become our next New York State Supreme Court Justice.

Joseph J. Jacob


Dear Editor:

The only experienced candidate running for State Supreme Court Justice of the Fifth Judicial District is Judge David A. Murad.  He is currently the Surrogate Court Judge of Oneida County.   Judge Murad has also been appointed as an Acting Family Court Judge, Acting County Court Judge, and Acting Supreme Court Justice.   In addition to his full Surrogate Court caseload, Judge Murad is currently handling a full Supreme Court caseload.

I have had many cases before Judge Murad.  Judge Murad is always well prepared, prompt, and provides helpful guidance in analyzing and settling cases.  In addition, he is extremely fair when making his decisions.

Judge Murad was in private practice for 18 years before he became a judge.   He is also a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) which is a useful skill when handling complex Supreme Court cases.   The other candidate running for Supreme Court is not a C.P.A., has not been a judge of any court, and has only practiced law for approximately 12 years.

I urge you to vote for the candidate with proven judicial qualities and experience.

Vote Judge David A. Murad as State Supreme Court Justice.

Paul M. Deep, Esq.


Dear Editor,

I have appeared before Judge  David A. Murad many times in Surrogate, Family and Supreme Courts.  In addition to being the Surrogate, Judge Murad is also an Acting Family Court Judge, Acting County Court Judge, and Acting Supreme Court Justice.  He runs a very professional and efficient Chambers, and he is respectful and considerate of the parties and the attorneys.  Judge Murad has always been willing to take the time to listen to each side of the litigation.  As a Certified Public Accountant, Judge Murad has knowledge that is extremely useful in determining the complex financial issues that arise in Supreme Court.

In earlier years, when Judge Murad was a practicing attorney, I had cases with him and found him to be ethical, conscientious and thorough.

Due to Judge Murad’s past exemplary performance on the Bench, we can vote with the confidence that he will fill the Supreme Court seat with intelligence and integrity.

Carl V. Graziadei, Esq.
Oriskany, NY


To My Fellow Citizens of the 23rd Congressional District:

I recommend that you vote for Mike Oot, Democrat, to represent us in Congress.  Mike is a solid citizen who’s always believed in serving the public: he’s served on a school board and is a representative to the New York State School Boards Association,  and as a lawyer, he’s fought for workers who were ill, injured, disabled against  major corporations.  He has been endorsed by the CNY Bar Association, Sheet Metal Workers Local 58, and any number of other prominent area organizations.

Mike knows that healthcare is in crisis, the economy is in a shambles, and the cost of college is becoming too expensive for a great many people.  If elected, he will work hard to solve these problems.  Mike is a concerned citizen who wants to go to Washington  to represent our needs.  If, as now seems likely, Barack Obama is elected president, he’ll need a supportive Congress to help him legislate needed changes to restore our district, and all of America, to the economic strength it once had.  Mike Oot has conviction and passion, and he will represent us strongly for the change we need.

Allen Manning
Cazenovia, NY


I am a Republican voting best qualified, not party line…..

Judge David A. Murad is our current Surrogate Court Judge, who has been assisting other busy courts, to include Family Court and Supreme Court.   He has been designated a full-time Acting Supreme Court Justice since early 2008, to fill in the gap left by Judge Julian’s vacancy.   He is now running for the Supreme Court seat he has been handling.

Judge Murad is fair, hard-working, and considerate of the attorneys and parties appearing before him.   He is also a Certified Public Accountant, a very important attribute for a Judge who will be presiding over complicated financial matters.   Vote for experience.  Vote Judge Murad for Supreme Court.

Jill Tyksinski


We all must vote on November 4th.  We need change for our good and the good of our country.

Our Congressman, John McHugh,  has voted with and for the failed policies of G. W. Bush with over 90% of his votes.
Our Congressman has been responsible with his votes  for allowing;  torture to be an acceptable form of interrogation,  for the war in Iraq to go on endlessly,  for so much deregulation of finance and securities our economy collapsed,  and blocking all efforts to create or improve our healthcare system.

It is time for the “North Country” to wake up to the failed and costly voting record of our endless Congressman, John McHugh.

We need change from all these failed policies.  Vote for change.   Vote for Mike Oot to be your new Congressman.  Mike Oot is a Democrat who will work with other Democrats in Congress to try to get our country back on track.

Thank You,
Jim King

Democracy for America
Veterans for Peace
Cadyville, NY