Youth Outreach Geared Against Synthetics

Youth Outreach Geared Against Synthetics

Youth Outreach Geared Against Synthetics

Youth Outreach Geared Against Synthetics is an informational program put together by Farnham Family Services and the Victor Orlando Woolson Foundation, Inc., to help raise awareness of drugs, specifically synthetic drugs, to area youth.

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Youth Outreach Geared Against Synthetics

The program was recently presented to after-school groups by Penny Morley (Farnham Family Services prevention director), Teresa Woolson and Sarah Gauger (VOW Foundation members).

With the help of a grant from the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, information was provided to the students in an effort to bring awareness and spread the word about the deadly poisons that make up synthetic drugs, also known as designer drugs, along with influences that affect the makeup of a person, including the choices they make.

Groups from the Fulton High School, Mexico High School, Oswego High School and Hannibal High School were very welcoming and attentive.

Bringing the local story about Victor Woolson and his death due to synthetic marijuana helped to make the information real for the students.

Education and awareness is valued as a very important factor in preventing drug addiction.

Almost 70% of teens surveyed in Oswego County reported that they have used alcohol, tobacco and/or marijuana before age 15.

Studies show that people who use these substances before the age of 15 are much more likely to experience a problem with addiction in their future.

Penny and Teresa are members of the Coalition to Combat Adolescent Substance Abuse in Oswego County. Community members are urged to join the Coalition, to help take action to make Oswego County a Drug Free Community.

For information on the coalition, substance abuse, addiction and/or synthetic drugs, contact Morley at (315) 342-4489.